“The Message - "Zero Defect", "Zero Effect"


It was during the Independence day (2014) address to the Nation, our Prime Minister proposed ‘Zero Defect, Zero Effect’, as a social reformation agenda, along with his call for ‘Make in India’. The first part is concerned about ‘people’, that is their ‘health, safety and social accountability’ and the second part is on ‘planet’, that is about creating a ‘livable environment’. Any product or service offered by a company or institution, with Quality built in shall benefit the ‘people’ on its application with ‘zero defect’ and with ‘zero effect’ on the planet environment. If these two aspects are sincerely acknowledged by the industries and institutions, the third segment called ‘profit’ is a natural outcome of ‘make in India’ agenda.

Anna University’s approach to propagate these concepts, abbreviated as ‘3 Ps’ - People (Health, Safety and Social Accountability), Planet (Environment) and Profit (Generating benefit) is being carried forward through AU-TVS Centre for Quality Management.

I wish the pragmatic approach of this Centre in propagating Quality Management concepts, stressing on these Triple Bottom Line of 3Ps, among students, entrepreneurs, institutions by imparting Training, Research, Guidance and Consultancy will yield results as envisaged by the National leaders of our country towards continual improvement of products and services on par with global standards.

Prof. Dr. S. Ganesan

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