Instructions to Principals of Affiliated Institution


All the Principals of Institutions affiliated with Anna University, Chennai that have applied for the grant of provisonal affiliation for the academic year 2018-19 are requested to make ready of the following soft and hard documents to produce before and submit to the Inspection Teams promptly during their visit to the Institutions:

  1. Course / Department-wise list of Faculty Members for UG / PG / General Engg. / Science / Language courses as per the format of Annexure – I.  
  1. Individual Faculty Data Sheets in the format of Annexure - II along with self attested copies of certificates, appointment orders and joining reports (attached Scanned document for soft copy).
  1. Details on the number of books available subscribed course / Department-wise duly attested by the Librarian and the Principal of the College as given in Annexure - III.
  1. Filled in Details of the available laboratory equipments in working condition attested by the respective HOD for each course / Department. Display Boards containing the list of equipments in operating condition should be kept in prominent places in each of the laboratories and placards with the name of the equipment should be kept near each equipment for each course / Department. CD(s) Containing the above items listed in SI.No.1,2 and 3.

In addition, the following details are to be kept ready with a check-list for submission to the Inspection Team on demand :

  1. All Registers and Records listed under Sl.No.23 of the Application submitted by the Institution for inspection and grant of affiliation.
  1. All Certificates listed under Sl.No.24 of the Application submitted by the Institutions for inspection and grant of affiliation.
  1. Documentary evidances of Rain Water Harvesting, purified drinking water and toilet facilities.
  1. Mandatory disclosure hosted in college website as per AICTE/COA norms.




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