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Laboratory Requirements for M.E. / M.Tech. / M.Arch. / M.B.A. / M.C.A.


Faculty of Civil Engineering

Sl. No.



1 M. E. Construction Engineering and Management
2 M.E. Environmental Engineering
3 M.Tech. Remote Sensing
4 M.E. Structural Engineering
5 M.E. Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering
6 M.E. Infrastructure Engineering and Management
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
7 M. E. Aerospace Technology
8 M. E. Aeronautical Engineering
9 M. E. Automobile Engineering
10 M. E. CAD/CAM
11 M. E.. Computer Aided Design
12 M. E.. Computer Integrated Manufacturing
13 M. E.. Engineering Design
14 M. E. Internal Combustion Engineering
15 M. E. Manufacturing Engineering
16 M. E. Product Design and Development
17 M. E. Thermal Engineering
18 M. E. Energy Engineering
19 M. E. Industrial Engineering
20 M. E. Mechatronics Engineering
21 M. E. Industrial Safety Engineering
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
22 M. E. Embedded System Technologies
23 M. E. Power Electronics and Drives
24 M. E. Power Systems Engineering
25 M. E. Control and Instrumentation Engineering
26 M. E. Electrical Drives and Embedded Control
27 M. E. Instrumentation Engineering
Faculty of Information and Communication Engineering
28 M. E. Applied Electronics
29 M. E. Communication Systems
30 M. E. Computer Science and Engineering
31 M. E. Software Engineering
32 M. E. Mobile and Pervasive Computing
33 M. Tech. Information Technology
34 M. E. VLSI Design
35 M. E. Electronics and Communication Engineering
36 M. E. Multimedia Technology
37 M. E. BioMedical Engineering
38 M. E. Medical Electronics
39 M. E. Communication and Networking
40 M. E. Digital Signal Processing
41 M. E. Computer Science and Engineering (with Specialization in Networks)
42 M. E. Biometrics and Cyber Security
43 M. E. Big Data Analytics
44 M. E. E-Learning Technologies
45 M. E. Electronics and Communication Engineering (Industry Integrated)
46 M. C.A. Master of Computer Applications
47 M.E. M.E. Computer Science and Engineering (Cyber Security)
48 M.E. M.E. Computer Science and Engineering (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning)
Faculty of Technology
49 M. Tech. Bio Technology
50 M. Tech. Biopharmaceutical Technology
51 M. Tech. Chemical Engineering
52 M. Tech. Plastic Technology
53 M. Tech. Textile Technology
54 M. Tech. Textile Technology (With Specialization in Textile Chemistry)
55 M. Tech. Nano Science and Technology
56 M. Tech. Polymer Science and Engineering
57 M. Tech. Petroleum Refining and Petrochemicals
58 M. Tech. Environmental Science and Technology
Faculty of Management Studies
59 M. B. A. Master of Business Administration
60 M. B. A. Master of Business Administration (Integrated)
Faculty of Architecture and Planning
61 M. Arch. Architecture
62 M. Arch. Real Estate Development
63 M. Arch. Environmental Architecture
64 M. Arch. Conservation




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