M I T   Campus, Anna University
Centre for Advanced Computing Research and Education

Welcome to C A R E

To provide intelligent solutions for computational/data intensive applications in the distributed environment.

To establish a world-class research centre to produce human resources in the area of Grid Computing.

Research Collaboration

CARE is interested in collaborative research with institutes and organizations across the globe in the field related to Grid Computing and Virtualization. It believes, with constant interaction and exchange of knowledge with experts in these organization will help the centre to grow as well as help its staffs and students to carry out quality research. Currently, it has established strong working relationship with the following institutes with respect to research in various fields of advanced computing including Grid Computing, Semantic Grid, Grid Interoperability, and Virtualization.

National MOUs

CDAC                                        CEERI                                        University of Hyderabad

International MOUs

globus                                  University of Madrid                                       Athabasca University

Altair                       Honeywell                                        MIMOS, Berhad

Kuwait University                             University of Cagliari                                          University of Melbourne