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To provide intelligent solutions for computational/data intensive applications in the distributed environment.

To establish a world-class research centre to produce human resources in the area of Grid Computing.

CRB: CARE Resource Broker

Grid is a kind of distributed grid infrastructure enables to coordinate and collaborate resources from diverse organizations across the globe to solve computationally intensive applications. In such environments, users looking for a suitable resources capable of executing his application. However, in many cases, they fail to find suitable resources due to the lack of required softare environment and also lack of number of processors. Though the latter can be solved by aggregating physical resource from different clusters but the former case is still unanswerable. CARE has developed a resource broker that can satisfy both the cases with the help of virtualization technologies.

  • It creates Virtual machines to meet the additional requirements of required CPUs in a potential CPUs.
  • It creates Virtual Cluster in a potential remote grid resource when job requires a completely different software requirements for execution.
  • In addition, it also works as a conventional grid scheduler mapping jobs to potential physical grid reosurces. It takes help from virtualization concepts based on demand.
  • The initial version of CRB is available for download here released on February 9,2009

    For further details, please read the paper

    Downlaod Installation and Configuration document of CRB here

    Please contact itcare@annauniv.edu for further details