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Centre for Advanced Computing Research and Education

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To provide intelligent solutions for computational/data intensive applications in the distributed environment.

To establish a world-class research centre to produce human resources in the area of Grid Computing.

Research Topics

Development of Front End Tools for Semantic Grid Services

This project addresses the need of semantic component in the grid environment to discover and describe the grid resources semantically. We proposed semantic component that enables semantic description of grid resources with the help of ontology template.

Development of Trust Components for Secured Commercial Grid Services

This project addresses various limitations of current globus toolkit in security and highlights the importance of additional security and trust features in globus toolkit. Currently, most of the grid middle-wares including Globus Toolkit use the existing X509 authentication mechanism.

Development of Knowledge Based Wind Tunnel Test Data Management System

The objective is to design a framework for the development of Knowledge Base Management System for aerodynamic domain using Wind Tunnel Test data. It provides the facility to create efficient storage for the raw test data used in the testing of aircraft, missiles and requisite correlation with mission performance data.

Missile Defense and Interceptor Allocation Using Neural Network Approach

This project is to propose a solution methodology for a missile defense problem involving the sequential allocation of defense resources over a series of engagements. The problem is computationally complex due to the presence of enormous state space.

CRB: A Framework for Dynamic Grid Enabled Cluster of Virtual Machines

The main motivation behind this is to investigate the possibility of integrating virtualization concepts in existing grid technology so that grid usage and deployment becomes relatively easier.