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To provide intelligent solutions for computational/data intensive applications in the distributed environment.

To establish a world-class research centre to produce human resources in the area of Grid Computing.

Globus AutoInstall Utility

The novice grid users and different grid application developers face the problem of setting up a grid environment in their resources. The first step in setting up a grid environment is the installation of grid middleware such as the Globus Toolkit. The technical aspects of making an available resource as GT enabled resource require the installation of prerequisite software, the installation of Globus Toolkit and configuration of each component. To make the grid environment setup with ease and comfort, an utility has been proposed and developed for automated Globus Toolkit installation. The Globus Toolkit Autoinstall utility automates the installation of the prerequisite software such as J2SE, Ant, Tomcat, Junit and PostgreSQL. Also the utility automates the complete Globus Toolkit installation followed by the configuration of Simple CA, RFT, MDS and GRAM. The grid environment setup becomes effortless and seamless by making use of the proposed utility