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Fee Details

  Fee structure per Semester ( for MBA, MCA & M.Sc)

I. To be paid at the Time of Admission
Admission fee Rs. 850
Cost of Regulation & Syllabus Book Rs. 300
Total (1) Rs. 1,150
II.Refundable Deposit
Refundable Deposit Rs. 5,000
Total (2) Rs. 5,000
III.Payable Every Semester
Tuition Fees Rs. 3000
Course Development Fees Rs. 4000
Learning Aids Rs. 3000
Learning Material Development Rs. 1000
Facilitation fee Rs. 1500
Total (3) Rs.12,500
IV. Provisional & Degree Certificate (during last semester)
Provisional & Degree Certificate fee Rs. 550
Total (4) Rs. 550

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