About Central Workshop

              Central Workshop is the one of the oldest and largest division of Mechanical Engineering established in the year 1894. It has the machineries and facilities to cater the needs of undergraduate and post graduate students as well as for Ph. D. scholars to carryout research in the field of Manufacturing and Materials Science and Engineering. It provides infrastructure facilities for conducting laboratory courses in interdisciplinary areas, carrying out undergraduate project works and consultancy works. Over the years, Central Workshop facilities have been used by research scholars from the University Departments, Affiliated Colleges and Industries extensively.

Areas of Interest

              High Temperature forming, Superplastic forming, ECAP, RCS, Magnetic Moulding, Metal Matrix composite, Squeeze casting, FSW, Welding Metallurgy, Diffusion Welding, Nanomaterials, CNT, Nano Composite, Biomaterials, Tribology, Microwave processing, NDT, FEM, CAD/CAM, Modelling of machining pro-cess, Supply Chain Management, Lean Manufacturing Optimization, Micro machining –EDM, ECM, Cryo Machining, Composite Machining, Pulse wave form generator, Hydraulic & Pneumatics, Automation

The central workshop consists of the following laboratories:

• Basic Manufacturing Laboratory (carpentry, fitting, foundry, welding, smithy and sheet metal)

• Machine shop

• CAM Laboratory

• Mechatronics Laboratory

• Metal forming Laboratory

• Electrical Engineering Practice Laboratory

• Civil Engineering Practice Laboratory

• Electronics Engineering Practice laboratory

• Micro Processor Laboratory

• Computer Applications Laboratory

• Composite Laboratory

• Micro Structural Analysis Laboratory

• Material Processing Laboratory

• Material Characterization Laboratory

• Heat treatment Laboratory

• Metrology Laboratory