Educational Profile

Sl.No. Course Specialisation Institution Year
1. UG Mechanical Madurai Kamaraj University 1989
2. PG Industrial Refrigeration and Cryogenic Engineering Kerala University 1992
3. Ph.D. Solar Cooling Technologies IIT Madras, Chennai 1999


Sl.No. Post Held Period Name of the Organisation/Industry Nature of Duties
1. Senior Project officer 1992-1994 IC&SR, IIT Madras Research
2. Teaching and Research Associate 1994-1998 IIT Madras, Chennai Teaching & Research
3. Lecturer 1998-2001 CNRSE, Anna University Teaching & Research
4. Asst. Professor 2001-2009 DME, Anna University Teaching & Research
5. Professor 2009 onwards DME, Anna University Teaching & Research

Consultancy Projects

S.No. Title of the Project Sponsoring Agency Amount Co-investigator Status
1 Biomass Assessment study - Ponneri Taluk TEDA, Chennai Rs.0.75 Lakhs R.Sethumadhavan S.Renganarayan Completed
2 National Biomass Resources Assessment Study - Phase II -III MNES, New Delhi Rs.22 Lakhs R.Sethumadhavan S.Renganarayan Completed
3 Districtwise Biomass Resource Assessment Study in Karnataka State MNES, New Delhi Rs.17.31 Lakhs R.Sethumadhavan S.Renganarayan Completed
4 Resource Assessment Study for MSW of Madurai Corporation of TN TEDA, Chennai Rs.1.65 Lakhs R.Sethumadhavan S.Renganarayan Completed
5 Integrated Rural Energy Assessment -Javadu Hills - NA Dt. TEDA, Chennai Rs.2.5 Lakhs R.Sethumadhavan S.Renganarayan Completed
6 Performance Improvement study of cold storage systems TANFED, Chennai Rs.0.2 Lakhs -- Completed
7 Energy Audit study Airport,Elnet,Infosys, Sports Au. of Tamil Nadu,TSCISI, RBI Felda, Rajbhavan, TANHOPE,Vijiya Hospital & Heart Foundation Rs.5.3 Lakhs R.Sethumadhavan S.Renga Narayan Completed
8 Replacement of Air conditioning Systems DDK, Hyderabad,Bangalore Rs.2 Lakhs -- Completed
9 Consultant- Air-conditioning systems ITC / AAI -Chennai Rs.1.5 Lakhs -- Completed
10 Replacement of AC systems DDK, Chennai Rs.3.25 Lakhs -- Completed
11 Energy Efficiency improvement in Refrigerators -Phase I Whirlpool, Pune Rs.3 Lakhs D.Mohanlal Completed

International Journals

  • R.Saravanan and M.P. Maiya.,"Effect of component pressure drops in twofluid pumpless continuous vapour absorption refrigerator",Energy Conversion & Management,1997,38,1823-1832
  • R.Saravanan and M.P. Maiya,"Thermodynamic Comparison of Water Based Working Fluid Combinations for Vapour Absorption Systems",Applied Thermal Engineering,1998,18,553-568
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  • V.Ramesh and R. Saravanan,"Reliability assessment of cogeneration power plant in textile mill using falut tree analysis",Journal of failure analysis and prevention,2011,11,56-70

National Journals

  • NIL

International Conferences

  • R.Saravanan and M.P. Maiya ,"Modelling of the bubble pump for a pumpless continuous absorption refrigerator",International Conference on Advances in Chemical Engineering,1997,I.I.T. Madras,155- 160
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National Conferences

  • R.Saravanan, M.P.Maiya and S.Srinivasa Murthy,"Theoretical Studies on Bubble Pump for H2O-LiBr Vapour Absorption Refrigerator",Conference on Thermal Systems,BHU, Varanasi, 1995
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  • C.P. Jwahar and R. Saravanan,"Perfromance evaluation of air-cooled GAX bases ammonia absorption cooling system wing ANN,NCRAC,IIT Madras,2011,B-1

Subjects Expertise

  • Engineering Thermodynamics
  • Energy Systems Modelling and Simulation
  • Sorption heating and cooling systems

Major research contributions

  • Absorption cooling and heating systems, Cogeneration and waste heat recovery, Energy conservation and Management

Ph.D. Scholars

S.No Name Title Status
1 S.N. Murugesan Studies on HFC based Vapour Absorption Heat Transformer for Process Heat generation Awarded 2002
2 S. Arivazhagan Studies on half-effect absorption cooling system using R134a-DMAC as working fluid Awarded 2007
3 P.K. Pratapchandran Pretreatment processes for enhanced bio-mechanization of MSW Awarded 2007
4 N. Anbazhagan Biomass based cooling systems for cold storage applications Awarded 2008
5 B. Vijarajan Studies on Thin Layer Drying of Bagasse Awarded 2009
6 S.Sekar Absorption Heat transformer for desalination Synopsis submitted
7 C.P. Jawahar NH3-H2O based air cooled GAX absorption cooling systems Thesis submitted
8 Vallem Ramesh Reliability analysis of biomass cogeneration power plant In progress

M.S. Scholars

S.No Name Title Status
1 J.Arun Kumar Studies on PEM Fuel cells using various alcohols for low power applications Awarded 2006

Research Projects

Sl.No. TITLE AGENCY AMOUNT Co-investigator Status
1 Design and Development of Biomass based cold storage systems for Rural Area Applications MNES,New Delhi Rs.9.52 Lakhs S.Renganarayanan Completed
2 Studies on methanol based absorption cooling systems UGC,New Delhi Rs.0.3 Lakhs -- Completed
3 Design and Development of Half-Effect Vapour Absorption Cold Storage systems using new working fluids for low potential heat sources DST-SERC, New Delhi Rs.8.7 Lakhs -- Completed
4 Development of Single Pressure Refrigeration System using Bio-gas as Energy Input MNES,New Delhi Rs.10.9 Lakhs S.Renganarayanan Completed
5 Flow boiling heat transfer studies of an Ozone Friendly Energy Efficient HFC / HC refrigerant mixtue witj mineral oil as Lubricant DST, GOI Rs.16.9 Lakhs D.Mohanlal Completed
6 Eco-Friendly vapour absorption heat transformer for water purification UGC,New Delhi Rs.9.91 Lakhs -- Completed
7 R134a-DMAC air-cooled absorption cooling systems DST-SERC, New Delhi Rs.34.84 Lakhs -- Completed
8 Biogas refrigerator for urban, semi urban and rural areas MNRE,New Delhi Rs.11 Lakhs -- Completed
9 Development of low carbon technologies for combined cooling and drying of agricultural products UGC,New Delhi Rs.65 Lakhs S. Iniyan A.Elaya Perumal In-progress
10 Simultaneous production of combined power and cooling MOI, Spain Rs.70 Lakhs Prof. Alberto Coronas and team In-progress

Accolades Received

  • 1) Ramanna Fellowship award from Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India for the period of three years : (2007-2010)
  • The objective of Ramanna Fellowship is to offer continued core financial support to those researchers who have performed excellently well in their ongoing basic research projects of SERC. The Ramanna Fellows would receive a Ramanna Fellowship Rs 5000 per month plus a research grant of Rs. 10 lakh/year for a period of three years. The research grant of Rs. 10 lakh per year will be towards hiring of research manpower, national travel (for self, research staff and scientific visitors for consultation), international travel for self for attending one international conference / school/ workshop/ symposium/ scientific meeting per year, consumables, minor equipments, spares, maintenance support and contingencies.
  • 2) Research grant award under FAST TRACK SCHEME FOR YOUNG SCIENTISTS from Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India for the period of three years ( 2002-2005)
  • The Department of Science and Technology, through Fast Track Scheme for Young Scientists, provides quick research funding to young scientists below the age of 35 years (relaxable by 5 years in the case of SC/ST/OBC, woman and physically handicapped category) to undertake independent research in newly emerging and frontier areas of science and engineering
  • 3) Best paper award - NCRAC 2009, IIT Madras Chennai- 36, Paper entitled "Evaporative heat transfer coefficient of a HFC/HC refrigerant mixture under varied heat flux condition" (co-authored by B.Raja, D.Mohan Lal) accorded First Price for best paper presented during National Conference on Refrigeration and Airconditong, Jan 9-11, IIT, Madras, Chennai -600036
  • (4) Winner of Emerson CUP 2010 - Refrigeration & Retail The Emerson Cup is an annual event celebrating and recognizing some of the outstanding and innovative designs in the HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) industry. Under the retail and refrigeration catergory, Excellent award confirmed for the project showed the feasible use of generator absorption heat exchange (GAX) based ammonia absorption plant for cold storage applications in rural areas, yielding 35% higher COP and energy savings.
  • Books / Patents



  • 1. Administrative :
  • 1. Asst. Registrar - Finance : From 2000 onwards for Institute for Energy Studies, Anna University, chennai - 25, INDIA
  • 2. Chairman Class Committee : PG & UG Program
  • 3. Faculty Adviser : ME Energy Engineering
  • 4. Vice President : Society of Mechanical Engineers : 2003-04
  • 2. Abroad Visited : FRANCE, SPAIN, KOREA, MALAYSIA, SRI LANKA, Kuwait
  • 3. Notable Achievements :
  • (1) Short term course
  • Selected as member to conduct short-term training program on Energy conservation, demand side management and advances in energy conversion for TNEB (Tamilnadu Electricity Board) officials.
  • (2) Certified Energy Auditors
  • Certified Energy Auditors from TNEB(Tamilnadu Electricity Board), PCRA (Petroleum conservation research association) and KEB (Kerela Electricity Board)
  • (3) Reviewer in International Journals
  • International Journal on Refrigeration, International Journal on Thermal Sciences
  • International Journal on Desalination, Applied Thermal Engineering, Energy, Applied Energy
  • (4) Member in Indian delegation - USAID
  • Selected as one of five member delegation to attend the Energy Sector Procurement Training Programme conducted by SARIE / USAID, New Delhi at Sri Lanka June 2003 / Dec 2003 for Energy Professional Exchange Program.
  • (5) Membership in Professional Societies
  • - Indian society for Heating, Refrigerating and Airconditoning Engineers (ISHRAE)
  • - Indian society for Heat and Mass Transfer (ISHMT)
  • - Indian society for Technical Education (ISTE)
  • - American society for Heating, Refrigerating and Air conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)