Department of Mechanical Engineering

College of Engineering, Guindy
Anna University, Chennai

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Anna University


Dr. S. Balasivanandha Prabu

Professor & Head

Department of Mechanical Engineering

The Department of Mechanical Engineering is one of the oldest departments in the College of Engineering Guindy campus and has a long history of about 127 years of service in Mechanical Engineering education. The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers two undergraduate programmes namely B.E (Mechanical Engineering) and B.E (Materials Science and Engineering), six (6) postgraduate programmes and PhD programme. The department has over 60 faculty members with rich experience and with nearly 720 UG students’, 180 PG students’ and 171 research scholars pursuing PhD programmes. The department is aimed at imparting world-class education to the students. The department is fully equipped with a state-of-the-art facilities in Mechanical Engineering and Materials Engineering to support academic and research programmes. With the change in industrial atmosphere, the department tuned itself to offer courses that are very much relevant to modern industries

The curriculum of UG and PG courses are regularly modified once in four years and the course contents are updated to enable the students to learn and equip themselves to be a suitable candidate for a changing technological environment.

Our department has been engaged in active research in frontier areas of Product development, mobility engineering, solar energy, energy storage devices, additive manufacturing, materials forming, surface engineering, composite materials and deformation processing of materials. Our faculty members have excellent academic and research credentials. Over the last five years (2015-2020), Rs.239.5 lakhs worth of sponsored research and consultancy works have been completed successfully by our faculty members and currently, Rs.2196.5 lakhs worth of sponsored research and consultancy works are in progress. Our faculty members regularly publish technical articles in reputed journals/international conferences and also organised several outreach programmes in recent years.

The students can find their own niche on campus and have a platform in the department via the Society of Mechanical Engineers, the Society of Materials Science Engineers and the Research Forum to get involved, learn and connect with students within and beyond the department.

This website provides all information about the programmes and faculty credentials. The Department of Mechanical Engineering is very keen on establishing a good relationship with all the stakeholders. We welcome positive suggestions from the parents, alumni and industrial partners in improving the academic and research atmosphere in the department.

Succession List of the Heads of the Department

Dr. S. Sathikh (1978-1980)


Dr. A. M. Srinivasan (1980-1985)


Dr. T. R. Jagadeesan (1985-1988)


Dr. V. N. Vedamurthy (1988-1990)


Dr. G. Ramaiyan (1990-1993)


Dr. K. Chandrasekaran (1993-1996)


Dr. M. C. Ramasamy (1996-1998)


Dr. C.P. Sarathy (1998-1999)


Dr. K. Jeyachandran (1999-2002)


Dr. S. Renganarayanan (2002-2003)


Dr. S. Natarajan (2003-2005)


Dr. G. Thanigaiyarasu (2005-2008)


Dr. S. Sampathkumar (2008-2011)


Dr. L. Karunamoorthy (2011-2014)


Dr. B. Mohan (2014-2018)


Dr. Maj. S. Rajendra Boopathy