About Internal combustion Engineering Division

              Internal Combustion Engineering Division is one of the oldest divisions established in the year 1959 in the Department of Mechanical Engineering offering a post graduate course in M.E. Internal Combustion Engineering with an intake of 25 students. Also the division offers Ph. D. Programme in both full time and part time mode. The division has three laboratories such as IC engines Lab, Wind Tunnel Lab and Simulation Lab.

              The division has 2 Professors, 2 Associate Professors, 2 Assistant Professors and 6 Non-teaching staff. I.C. engines division has actively participating in the research areas like Alternate Fuels (H2, Biodiesel, Bio-gas, and CNG etc.), Alternate combustion systems (HCCI combustion, and Porous Media combustion), Air turbulence studies and waste heat recovery systems. The staff of ICE division also patented their inventions and published their technical articles in various reputed impact factor journals.

              The division also organizers seminars, workshops and faculty development programmes for the benefits of staff, research scholars and students.

Areas of Interest

1. Engine pollution and control

2. Alternate fuels (Biodiesel, Hydrogen, Bio-gas, CNG etc.)

3. Alternate combustion systems ( HCCI, RCCI and Porous media combustion)

4. Engine management systems

5. Nano-fuel additives

6. In-cylinder flow and combustion studies using CFD

7. Air turbulence studies