Society of Mechanical Engineers

               Department Of Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering Guindy, has a remarkable history in its journey through the ages and takes up the pride of being the firstborn Mechanical Engineering Section in the country. Society of Mechanical Engineers or SME as it is popularly known is an organization that is powered by these First Class Mechanical Engineers in the making and it is no wonder that the activities conducted by SME are done with complete planning and synchrony. SME is student powered and student centric. On the same note, the staffs involved in SME ensure the smooth running of SME. As the name of our two symposiums (intra college and inter college) suggest, SME once a small student body has undergone tremendous Ascension to reach the Pinnacle.


              The society of mechanical engineers is involved in conducting various events, workshops and guest lectures aimed at channeling the energy of the students into constructive activities in order to develop themselves. One such event is PINNACLE. Pinnacle is the tour de force of the students of the mechanical engineering department, CEG - Anna University, Chennai. This event, aptly named as pinnacle aims at taking students creativity and competitiveness to the zenith. With the variety of events ranging from mind numbingly technical to fun events there is a great scope for excitement. With no shortage of fun and prizes, these events pack with them all the glitz that is required to make your adrenalin go pumping. As a whole the pinnacle provides an effective medium to communicate the happenings in the department.

              After the overwhelming performance at the Pinnacle 2013, The Society of Mechanical Engineers brings you its latest edition. With over 16+ events and many interesting workshops, Pinnacle 2014 is the place for you to satisfy your Engineering curiosity. This phenomenon is known to accommodate over a 1000+ participants from various colleges across the country. Pinnacle 2014 will be the platform for pioneering a few extraordinary events, which will push the limits of technical innovation. With lots of exciting prizes and fun events, Pinnacle ’14 will be a grand success and we hope you join us and be of part it.

              Pinnacle 2014 consolidates the various branches of engineering to offer an experience which can challenge even the brightest of minds. This edition of Pinnacle provides an opportunity for a few extraordinary events, which will push the limits of technical innovation. Pinnacle 2014 boasts a barrage of 16 technical and non-technical events in all along with 4 exciting workshops.

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