About Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

              The Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning division offers a P.G. programme, M.E. Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning with a vision:
“To produce engineering masters professionally strong and ethically sound who can lead teams towards excellence in optimal conditioning of space for quality preservation and control using state of the art technology to make our nation a front liner in refrigeration and air-conditioning technology”.
The division has well qualified and experienced faculty members executing many research and consultancy projects.

Hall marks

• Training centre for HIDECORE, ISHRAE,ASHRAE Members

• Test facility in Psychometric, Heat transfer study

• 80% placement for students in core sector particularly in automobile A/c

• Faculty won awards for their excellence.

Areas of Interest

• Alternative Refrigerants

• Cryogenic Treatment of Materials

• Nano Fluid Heat Transfer

• HVAC in Automobiles

• Sorption Heating & Cooling Systems

• Energy Conversion Techniques

• Building Energy Conservation

• Boiling Heat transfer & Thermal Energy Storage System


              A number of research projects which worth lakhs were completed and being carried out in our institute, funded by various agencies such as UGC, DST-SERC, MNRE, GTZ, Whirlpool India Ltd, DDK, DDT, ITC/AAI, LUCAS TVS, HMX SU-MYA and Orchid Chemicals.