Department of Mechanical Engineering

College of Engineering, Guindy
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Department of Mechanical Engineering

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Thrust Areas

Computer Aided Inspection

Mechatronics and Robotics

Manufacturing Metrology

Advanced Manufacturing

Metal forming and Friction Stir Processing / Welding

Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing

Material Characterisation

Surface Engineering of metals, alloys and composites

Composite Materials and Mechanics

New Product Development

Advanced Combustion Techniques

FEM/CFD analysis of Engine / Thermal Systems

Flow and Turbulence studies in Gas Turbines

Energy Storage

Solar based cooling systems

Design of materials for energy and hybrid electric vehicle design

Bio-Fuel Characterisation & Preparation

Fuel cell,polymers & Waste water treatment


UGC Eco-Friendly Absorption Heat Transformer for Water Purification Dr. R.Saravanan IES
DST Models for Effective Utilization of Energy Sources in India and Croatia Dr. S.Iniyan IES
DST Phase Change Material Based Thermal Storage System for Solar Air Heating Applications Dr. R.Velraj IES
DRDO Effective Thermal Management of Solid State Laser Devices Using Phase Change Storage System Dr. R.Velraj IES
UGC Investigations on Friction Stir Processing of Cast Aluminium Alloys used Automobile Industries Dr. V.S.Senthil Kumar CWS
DRDO Experimental and Numerical Studies Formability of Friction Stir Processed AZ31 Alloy Dr. V.S.Senthil Kumar CWS
DST Solar Power with Steam Injection Gas Turbine (Stig) Cycle Dr. S.Iniyan IES
DRDO Experimental and Numerical Studies on Twist Extrusion Process of Aluminium Alloys used in Aerospace Industries Dr. V.S.Senthil Kumar CWS
IGCAR Integrated Thermal Hydraulic Analysis of CFBR Primary Sodium Pools and Temperature Distribution in Inner Vessel Dr. C.Jebaraj AUFRG
IGCAR Baffle Configuration for Primary sodium Spherical Header 08 Future FBR Dr. R.Velraj IES
IGCAR Multi Body Dynamics Analysis of Chain and Sprocket of Inclined Fuel Transfer Machine Dr. Latha Nagendran AUFRG
IGCAR Seismic Analysis of Reactor Assembly of Commercial Fast Breader Reactor Dr. K.Srinivasan AUFRG
DST Design and Development of Metal Matrix Composites (Ai- SiCp) using Friction Stir Processing Dr. V.S.Senthil Kumar CWS
UGC Convective Heat Transfer Characteristics of Silver/Ethylene Glycol Nanofluids Under Varied Heat Flux Conditions Dr. D.Mohan Lal IES
SERB Studies on Thermal Stability of Bulk Nanostructured Aluminium-Lithium (AA8090) Alloy Processed by Repetitive Corrugation and Straightening Dr. S.Balasivanandha Prabu CWS
DST Role of Nanotechnology in Augmenting the Thermal Performance of A Solar Collector System Integrated with PCM Based Thermal Energy Storage System for Space cooling Applications Dr. R.Velraj IES
MNRE Design and Development of Magnetically Levitated Micro Vertical Axis Wind Mill for Power Generation in Low Velocity Regimes Dr. M.Venkataraman IES
SERB SERB Studies on Creep Properties of Iron Based Nanostructures Oxide Dispersion Strengthened (ODS) Alloys Dr. P.Susila CWS
DST An Innovative Solar Parabolic Trough Collector with Secondary & End Reflector to Deliver Boiled Water for Scheduled Tribal Community for Socio-Economic Development Dr. S.Iniyan IES
DST Desalination Through Waste Heat Recovery from Solar PV Operated VCR System Dr. R.Velraj IES
SERB Solar PV Refrigeration System Operated with DC Compressor and PCM Based Thermal Storage Under Varied Solar Insulation Dr. D.Mohan Lal IES
DBT An Investigation on a Scalable and Sustainable Microbial Fuel Cell for Continuous Electricity Production From Waste Biomass Dr. D.Sangeetha IES
DST Effective Utilisation of Methanol and Di- Methyl Ether (DME) in an Automotive Engine Using Advanced Combustion Modes Dr. D.Ganesh ICE
CARS-CVRDE Development and Characterization of Aluminium Based Nano Composite for Structural Applications Dr. K.Shanmuga Sundaram Engineering Design
DST User Friendly Efficient Buildings for Thermal Management Dr. R.Velraj IES
SERB Synthesis of Phosphonated Polymer Electrolyte Membranes for High Temperature Fuel cells Dr. D.Sangeetha IES
SERB Improving Machinability of Difficult to Machine Materials Through Cutting Edge Preparation and Minimum Quantity Lubrication Dr. D.Samuel Raj CWS
ICMR Development of bone graft material based on electrospun sulphonated poly ether ketone/nANO hydroxyapatite (SPEEK/n HA) composites Dr. D.Sangeetha IES
DST Development of functional phase change materials for enhancement energy efficiency of thermal energy storage system Dr. V.Kumaresan IES
DST Efficient development and integration of desalination unit utilizing the waste heat from solar power plant Dr. R.Velraj IES
GRI Promoting the solar thermal technology and energy storage system with developed prototype models for science, technology, engineering and mathematics(STEM) faculties and students Dr. S.Iniyan IES
DRDO Analysis and application of nano thermal barrier coating to reduce heat rejection of heavy duty diesel engine Dr. M.R.Swaminathan ICE
NLC India Limited AU-NLCIL Innovation hub for energy, environment and sustainability Dr. V.Kumaresan IES