IT Research

Multi Sensor Data and Image Fusion in Wireless Sensor Networks.
A Unified Framework for Mobility Prediction in Wireless Networks
A Framework to Achieve QoS Guarantees in Broadband Wireless Networks
Semantic Intrusion Detection System
Defense Against Security Attacks in Active Networks
Performance Enhancement in Web Transactions
Design of MAC Protocol for Next Generation Mobile Communication Systems
Design of Intelligent Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems
Network Management using Mobile Agents
Ontology based Semantic Web Caching
Semantic Caching and Query Processing
Trust Management in Grid Services
Optimal Scheduling Policies in Grid Services
Profiled and Non-profiled Architectures for Mobile Adhoc Networks
Enhancing QoS through Service Differentiation, Load Balancing and Real-Time Scheduling in Web Services
Studies on Security and Reliability Issues Related to Non Interactive Multicast Communications
Advanced Computing, Parallel Processing and Networking
Grid Computing and Cloud Computing
Image Processing
Network Security
Next Generation Cellular Networks
Query Optimization
WiMAX Networks
Programming Models for Multicore Architecture
Semantic Query Processing
Intrusion Detection using Data Mining Techniques
Distributed Multimedia Streaming
Security in Wireless Networks
Temporal Rule Mining for Clinical Decision Making
Image Processing
VLSI (Network on Chip)
Web Services Retrieval using Semantic Service Ranking
Distributed Systems (Grid Computing)
Intelligent Smart Robots










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