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Programmes Offered



Name Contact Area of Specialisation
Dr. M. Meenakshi, Head
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044-2235 8884 Digital Communication, Wireless Communication and Networks, Optical Communication and Networks, Security
Dr. Y. V. Ramana Rao
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044-2235 8873 Digital Signal and Image Processing
Dr. D. Sridharan
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044-2235 8920 Applied Electronics, Wireless Sensor Networks
Dr. K. Malathi
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044-2235 8911 Microwave Engineering, Antenna Design, Planar Transmission Lines, EMI/EMC, Signal Integrity in high speed design
Dr. M. A. Bhagyaveni
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044-2235 8890 Wireless communication and Networking, Digital Communication, Adhoc network, Wireless Sensor Networks, Cognitive Radio Networks
Dr. P. Sakthivel
(Profile View) VLSI Systems and Electronic Design Automation
Dr. V. Jeyalakshmi
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044-2235 9850 IoT, Artificial Intelligence, VLSI Testing, Power Optimization, Wireless Sensor Networks, MEMS
Dr. V. Jawahar Senthilkumar
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044-2235 8887 VLSI, Applied Electronics and Computer Networks
Dr. P. Nirmalkumar
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044-2235 8892 Reconfigurable computing, VLSI for wireless Communication, Evolvable Hardware
Dr. M. Sasikala
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044-2235 8871 Bio signal Processing, Medical Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Biometrics, Brain Computer Interface
Dr. N. Ramadass
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044-2235 8917 Embedded System, VLSI Design and Reconfigurable Systems
Dr. O. Uma Maheswari
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044-2235 8889 Non Linear Signal Processing, Analysis of fMRI, Enhancing the underwater images
Dr. S. Nirmaladevi
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044-2235 8894 Medical image Processing, Pattern recognition and Advanced Neural computing, Physiological Modeling

Name Contact Area of Specialisation
Dr. G. Geetha
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044-2235 8914 Optical Communication, RF System Design
Dr.  S. Poonguzhali
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044-2235 8908 Biomedical Instrumention, Medical Image Processing
Dr. J. Kamala
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044-2235 8898 VLSI,  Control Systems, Solar Energy
Dr. T. Laxmikandan
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044-2235 8899 Digital Communication, Digital Signal Processing, RF System Design
Dr. C. M. Sujatha
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044-2235 8893 Biomedical Signal and Image Processing, Respiratory Biomechanics, Machine Learning Techniques

Name Contact Area of Specialisation
Mrs. V. Pushpalatha
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044-2235 8900 Communication Systems and Networking
Dr. T. Manimekalai
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044-2235 8913 Wireless Communication , Signal processing
Dr. M. Shanmugapriya
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044-2235 8915 Electromagnetics, Antennas, Optical communication, RF and Microwave, EMI/EMC
Mr. K. Praveen
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044-2235 8923 Digital Signal and Image Processing, Embedded Systems
Dr. R. Sittalatchoumy
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044-2235 8924 Wireless Sensor Networks, Communication Networks, Microcontroller, Linear Integrated Circuits
Dr. K. Gunaseelan
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044-2235 8925 Wireless Communication, Digital Signal processing
Dr. J. Dhurgadevi
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044-2235 8891 VLSI, Communication Systems
Dr. R. Seetharaman
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044-2235 8912 Electromagnetics and Antennas, EMI/EMC, Microwaves,Radars and Navigation,  Satellite Communication Systems
Dr. T. Jayasree
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044-2235 9851 Biomedical Engineering,  Electronic Nose, Biomechanics, Rehabilitation Engineering
Dr. Ewins Pon Pushpa
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044-2235 9849 Real time embedded system

1. Dr.K.Rajeswari (Profile View)
2. Dr.R.Sridhar Skylab (Profile View)
3. Dr.D.Kalyani (Profile View)
4. Mrs.I.Lakshmipriya (Profile View)
5. Mr.J.Saminathan (Profile View)
6. Mr.J.Balavishnu (Profile View)
7. Mrs.A.Ranjani Aruna (Profile View)
8. Mrs.L.Angel Prabha (Profile View)
9. Mrs.R.Ann Caroline Jenifer (Profile View)
10. Dr.R.Sowmya (Profile View)
11. Mr.C.Kaushik Viknesh (Profile View)
12. Mr.G.Karthik (Profile View)
13. Mrs.K.Ragini (Profile View)
14. Mrs.P.S.Karthika (Profile View)
15. Mrs.J.Madhumitha (Profile View)
16. Mrs.R.Harini (Profile View)
17. Ms.P.Steffi Snow (Profile View)
18. Ms.C.Krishna Kumari (Profile View)
19. Mrs.S.Femilin Sheniha (Profile View)
20. Dr.R.Parameshwari (Profile View)
21. Dr.A.Arun Kumar (Profile View)
22. Mr.Ch.Chaitanya Krishna (Profile View)
23. Mrs.P.Varalakshmi (Profile View)
24. Mrs.S.Senbagakuzhalvaimozhi (Profile View)
25. Mr.A.M.Arunagiri (Profile View)
26. Dr.A.Janani (Profile View)
27. Ms.M.Uma (Profile View)
28. Ms.P.Poornima (Profile View)
29. Dr.P.Anishiya (Profile View)
30. Ms.A.Abirami (Profile View)
31. Ms.K.Lakshmipriya (Profile View)