Working Manual for Course Coordinator
The foreign academicians/experts/faculty visiting India under GIAN should apply for VISA for at least one month (preferably 2 months) before the scheduled departure as per following guidelines:
  1. VISA Type: Business VISA
  2. Foreign Faculty should upload/submit following documents along with the VISA application
    1. Invitation letter from the host Institute/University
    2. Copy of the sanction letter of the GIAN course
    3. Copy of the course brochure

For Remuneration
The GIAN guidelines states that Honorarium to host faculty and local coordinator should be paid from the earning for the subject through fee collection. Institute may decide on its own the norms to pay host teachers, local coordinators etc, form the fund raised from course registration or any other fund. So, the procedure that is followed in the GIAN phase I (i.e) the honorarium to the local coordinator and the course coordinator should be paid from registration amount collected from the participants can be followed in the GIAN phase II. Hence the remuneration amount for GIAN local co-ordinator and CTDT staff members have been fixed as minimum amount of Rs. 25000/-.
For Fees Collection
After collecting all the DD, send it to CTDT office along with participants list.There is no fees exemption for Anna University Students / Faculty members in GIAN Phase II.