Global English Courses

Global English is a Comprehensive internet - based service that helps you - beginner through advanced - learn and improve their English.

It is one of the best websites for taking online English Courses, chatting with others, playing etc., It contains a rich and expansive collection of hundreds of language learning activities to strengthen the skills of listening, reading, speaking and grammar skills. To the teachers, it provides dynamic content for specific teaching needs, which include stimulating, puzzles, games and exciting activities. There is an online magazine Global English Today™ that features complling news, sports, and entertainment articles-updated daily!

From pronunciation practice to grammar lessons, from daily hours articles to interactive chat rooms, Global English meets all of your Online teaching needs.

Simply click on the Site Map Link on Global English home page to access all courses. Select a course, choose the activities that address the topics and language skills you are interested in. For instance,go to the Skills center and test your listening skill.Similarly for all other skills.