A Tip for GRE Aspirants

GRE consists of verbal, analytical and quantitative testing. Students who get very good score in analytical and quantitative parts find "verbal" difficult. Following is a tip for preparing for the verbal.

Many exams test the verbal ability because academic success depends on your ability to understand scholarly prose and to work with specialised and technical vocabulary. English language has a vocabulary of more than 5 lakh words. But any count on the number of words in English would only be a static assessment of a dynamic process because words evolve in curious and different ways. So there are many new unfamiliar words which are part of the English vocabulary. Our vocabulary ranges around 1000 familiar words which are frequently used for communication. There are many ways to prepare and many tricks and tips to answer these verbal ability tests. What are they?


1.Guessing / predicting

2.Elimination Technique

3.Etymological approach

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