Innovative ways of teaching English Speaking

I have an innovative approach to teaching English conversation skills which identifies for the students the top 100 English conversation patterns. This system of learning conversation skills provides a simple but effective methodology which will dramatically increase your students ability to speak English."so says Prof. La Bonte and he suggests 100 methods.

An easy way to assess a studentís conversation skills initially is to ask the student a number of random questions and see if they are able to answer with the same conversation pattern in the same tense Conversation Patterns.

The student should answer with a complete sentence in the same tense using the same conversation pattern. Native speakers often donít answer with a complete sentence when answering, but that is done out of a strength in the language. Make the student answer with a complete sentence using the same pattern and tense. If the student gives you a short answer, tell them that you want a complete sentence and ask the question again.

If you were to ask a native speaker to answer these same questions with complete sentences, you would find that they would answer with the identical pattern in the same tense.

Give the student a sentence and ask the student to convert it into a question. The purpose of this is to help judge the studentís question making skills. Making questions is a more difficult skill than answering questions with a sentence.

These are just two among 100 methods of teaching Spoken English.

If you are interesed in getting a free assessing tool, you can vist the site and learn more.