Issues Affecting On-line Learning

What are the main issues that affect online learning? In what ways can online learning be made effective? In this age of building intelligent classrooms, providing opportunities to hone a variety of skills is of essence. One of the many purposes of using the on-line component is to provide an alternative learning environment. Such an environment must be user friendly and motivating enough. Is this possible? In no other area of studies or subjects, online learning is so widely and popularly used as in the area of English learning as ESL as well as EFL. Further the issues affecting online learning of English can also be found affecting learning of other subjects.

Dr.Jaya Kannan who has a doctorate in CALL is an alumnus of Anna University and her Ph.D. thesis was acknowledged as the first Ph.D. in CALL in the English Departments of Indian Universities. She is currently specialising in this area in the U.S. She has conducted a case study in Singapore, in collaboration with Prof. Cynthia Macknish. Their article illustrates the issues that affect online learning of ESL (English as Second Language)

"Many studies suggest that on-line learning is positive for the learner, but our experience in running an on-line ESL writing course for Chinese students at the tertiary level in Singapore indicates that there are various challenges to meet in the areas of motivation, feedback, self-directed learning and computer technology". We provide you the link to 'The Internet TESL Journal' - a very useful online journal for those interested in ELT.