Dr.V.Rhymend Uthariaraj

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Advanced Computing Group
  • Network Security
  • Load balancing an cloud Computing
  • Energy aware data Computing
  • Internet of Things and Security issues
  • Optimization algorithms

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Data Security Group
  • Data Security
  • Visual Cryptography
  • Cloud Computing

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Wireless Networks Group
  • Device-to-Device Communication in Next Generation Networks
  • Extending the network lifetime in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Inter-cluster traffic avoidance for Large Scale Sensor Networks
  • Enhancing Controller Performance and Security issues in SDN
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Dr.H.Khanna Nehemiah

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Data Mining and Image Processing Group
  • Clinical Data Mining
  • Medical Image Processing
  • Software Engineering
  • Bioinspired Optimization

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Network Group
  • Data Analytics
  • Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN)

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