Foot Ball
  • For Zonal / Inter-Zonal tournaments, the matches are played on knockout basis.
  • Matches shall be played according to the rules of the All India Football Federation / Women's Football Federation, unless, otherwise modified in these rules.
  • If matches played on knock out basis, after the normal playing period of 90 minutes, if a game ended in a draw, 15 minutes of extra time each way shall be a part of the normal period of play. After the normal period of play (including 15 minutes extra time each way) is over, 5 penalty kicks shall be taken by each team, one each alternatively. The team scoring the greater number of goals shall be declared as winner. If the results is not decided yet, 6th, 7th, 8th player and so on alternatively from each side will take the kicks till the result is decided provided that equal number of kicks shall have been awarded to each side. Which side shall take the first kick shall be decided by the spin of a coin. Before the penalty kick begins, each captain shall nomiate 5 players to take the penalty kick on behalf of his/her team. No substitution shall be allowed during the tie breaker rules.
  • No players shall be permitted to participate in the tournament without football boots.
  • Each university shall submit a list of players not exceeding 18 including reserves. Not more than 18 merit certificates shall be awarded to a team.