• For Zonal / Inter-Zonaltournment, the matches are played on knockout basis.
  • The matches shall be played according to the rules as adopted by indian Hockey Federation / Indian Women's Hockey Federation, unless, otherwise modified in these rules.
  • If any match played on knock out basis ends in a draw it shall be played to the finish and the procedure shall be as follows.
  • After the normal playing period of 70 minutes (35-5-35), extra time the golden goal of 7 1/2 minutes play each way shall be followed. If at the tend of 15 minutes of extra time, the tie is not resolved, the penalty stroke rule shall be applied to decide the tie. In a case the tie continues, sudden death rule will be applied to break the tie.
  • Each Team shall submit a list of palyers not exceeding Eighteen who may participate in the tournament, and not more than 18 merit certificates shall be awarded to a team.