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Contact Details
Dr.R.Senthil, Ph.D Professor & Head of the Division
2235 7406
Steel and Space Structures,
Composite Structures,
Fibre Optics Sensors Applications
Dr.K.P. Jaya, Ph.D Professor
2235 7408
Concrete Structures,
Earthquake Engineering,
Soil Structure Interaction
Dr.C.Umarani, Ph.D Professor
2235 7409
Earthquake Structural Engineering,
Finite Element Analysis,
Construction Engineering
Dr.H.Jane Helena, Ph.D Professor
2235 7415
Steel Structures,
Steel Concrete Composites,
Computer Aided Design
Dr.K.C.Pazhani, Ph.D Professor
2235 7407
Corrosion Engineering,
Concrete Technology,
Development of Alternate Materials
Dr.K.Chinnaraju, Ph.D Professor
2235 7411
Concrete Technology,
Stability of Structures,
RC Structures
Dr.R.Vidjeapriya, Ph.D Associate Professor
2235 7414
Prefabricated Structures,
Earthquake Resistant Structures,
Concrete Technology
Dr.V.Ponmalar, Ph.D Associate Professor
2235 7413
Advanced Construction Materials,
Rehabilitation and Strengthening of Structures
Dr.G.Beulah Gnana Ananthi, Ph.D Associate Professor
2235 7403
Steel Structures,
Cold-Formed Structures,
Finite Element Analysis
Dr.P.Thamilselvi, Ph.D Associate Professor
2235 7424
Concrete Technology,
Modern Construction Materials
Dr.S.Greeshma, Ph.D Associate Professor
2235 7412
Earthquake Resistant Design,
Finite Element Analysis,
Computer Aided Design
Dr.S.Rahima Shabeen, Ph.D Assistant Professor (Sr.Gr.)
2235 7404
FRP Composites,
Thin - Walled Structures
Mrs.S.M.Renuka, M.E Assistant Professor
2235 7431
Construction Engineering and Management


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