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To  lead  and  operate  an  organization  successfully, it  is  necessary        to direct  and  control  it  in  a  systematic  and  transparent manner.       Success  can  result  from  implementing  and  maintaining  a   Quality  Management   System   that  is   designed   to   continually  improve performance  while  addressing   the   needs  of  all  interested  parties.
This is  best  realized  by  adhering  to the  ISO 9001:2000  Quality Management  System.

AU TVS QMM                

AU  TVS  Quality Management  Model  is  highly  structured  with planned   input  and  output  at  each  phase. 


-  The  evolved  Quality Management System  will  be  simple  to use, clear in language and easily understandable.
-  Provision of a natural move towards improved organizational performance.
-  Greater orientation toward continual improvement and customer satisfaction.


Experts  from  the  panel  of  Highly  knowledgeable  and  experienced faculty  from  Industry  &  Academia.


Comprehensive  technical  support  by  way  of            CONSULTANCY  -   TRAINING    -  COUNSELLING  -  DOCUMENTATION   –   IMPLEMENTATION   -   MONITORING    -  AUDITING    -    ANALYZING  -  REVIEWING  -  ADVISING


Awarded  to  all  the  participating  delegates.


Proposed  6 months  tentatively, to be  finalized, aligning  with the Organization’s Scope.


On  receipt  of  duly  filled  in  Customer Information  Form enclosed.