Opportunities are open to utilize AI techniques in Materials Science for

I. Final-year projects for the students of :

M.E. (Energy Engg. & Solar Engg.)
M.Sc. (Physics, Theoretical Physics, Materials Science, Nuclear Physics)
M. Tech. (Laser Tech)
B.E. (Computer Science, I.T., Materials Sci. &Engg., )

II. Consultancy Projects with industries and research organizations on

Searching for potential electrode/electrolyte materials in rechargeable batteries
Investigating reasons for battery failure
Identifying new catalysts for pollutant gas adsorption
Finding and Functioning of new gas, pressure, optical sensors
Checking the elastic properties and mechanical stability of bone implants, dental-filling materials
Fabricating dosimeters for background radiation detection, x-rays, gamma-rays. Quantum-mechanics driven drug discovery
Efficacy and synergic effects of traditional medicines
Drug+ nanocarrier and Drug+ protein interactions
Deep-learning techniques for disease identification

III. Collaborative research

With experimentalists from colleges, universities, and research institutions on joint projects that provide theoretical insights and computational results on materials of mutual interest.

IV. Online Certification Course

We welcome EduTech Firms to jointly conduct online certificate courses on topics related to Physics, Materials science, Technological Materials and AI in materials research

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