Sl. No  Name of Project  Funding Agency  Duration  Sanctioned Amount (Rs. In lakshs)  Principal Investigator
 1.  Exploring the role of nanoparticles in ameliorating radiation-induced toxicity  DAE-BRNS  2015 - 2018  26.50  Dr.T.Devasena
 2.  Investigation of compositional structural and mechanical properties of nanocrystalline TIN/VN Multilayer coating using Reactive Magnetron sputtering  CSIR  2013-2016  13.82  Dr. S. Kalaiselvam
 3.  Preparation, characterization and applications of nano usnic acid from lichens  DST-SERB  2012-2015  14.73  Dr.T.Devasena
 4.  Determination of LC50 and Sub-chronic neurotoxicity of diesel exhaust particles  UGC  2012-2015  9.92   Dr.T.Devasena
 5.  Toxicity and Risk Assessment of Ultrafine Nanoparticies  DRDO  2011-2013  11.99   Dr.T.Devasena
 6.  Experimental and analytical investigation of solidification and melting characteristics of PCM'S with particles inside finned encapsulation  DST  2009-2012  14.40   Dr. S. Kalaiselvam


 Sl. No  Name of Project  Funding Agency  Duration  Sanctioned Amount (Rs. In lakshs)  Principal Investigator
 1.  Development of novel semiconductor quantum dots and photoanode for sensitized solar cell applications  DST - Women Scientist Scheme  2017-2020  22.60  Ms. T. Archana
 2.  Development of highly stable platinum free nanostructures for dye sensitized solar cell applications  DST-SERB  2017-2020  42.31  Dr.R.Jayavel
 3.  Bio-inspired Nanostructured Bioactive glass/polimer composite scaffolds for bone implants using 3D printing  DST-SERB  2016-2019  26.79  Dr.M.Mandhakini
 4.  Development of nano-meso structured cobalt based Novel Oxide Thermoelectric materials for electric energy generation from waste heat  DST-SERB (ECR)  2016-2019  38.18   Dr.M.Arivanandhan

M.Tech. Programme supported by DST - Nanomission

 Sl. No  Name of Project  Funding Agency  Duration  Sanctioned Amount (Rs. In lakshs)
 1.  M.Tech. Programme in Nano Science & Technology (Duration: 2 years) with annual intake of 20 regular students at the Anna University, Chennai  DST Nanomission  2015-2019  426.60
 2.  M.Tech. Programme on Nano Science & Technology  DST Nanomission  2008-2014  513.00