Smart Card

Anna University, Chennai - 25 has introduced chip-based University Multi Purpose Smart Card System (UMPSC) for the use of staff and students of the University. The Smart Card System stores all the personal data of the students and staff in its integrated database. It encompasses an efficient Library Management System with advanced RFID automation modules and updated security protocol.The details of smart cards and identification cards issued to various categories of Staff so,far are given below.


Category of Smart Cards

Issued to

No. of cards issued so far



All the students and permanent staff of all the constituent colleges.



Ordinary laminated cards with photographs

Visiting Faculty/Guest Faculty/TRAs/Teaching Assistants/Project staff/ SRFs/JRFs/Employees on consolidated salary and daily wage



Pensioner's ID cards with photographs

All the teaching and non-teaching (Retired and re-employed staff)


The entire UMPSC System is administered by the Centre for Professional Development Education. The receipts and expenditure pertaining to Smart Card System are invariable included in the Budget Estimates of the CPDE. The CPDE is in charge of the entire Smart Card System in the University. The day-to-day activities like purchasing and issuing of smart cards, maintaining accounts and files are done by this Centre. The smart card system is guided by Implementation and Monitoring Committee constituted by the Vice-Chancellor.