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Centre for Biotechnology & Centre with potential for Excellence in Environmental Science (CPEES),

 Anna University - Chennai


Ph.D, University of Hyderabad

M.Sc, University of Hyderabad


            Protein Biotechnology, Protein Engineering, Molecular Pathogenesis & Preventive measures for diarrhoeal diseases including Instrumentation for Infectious diseases.


1986 – 1990 Scientist, Astra Research Centre, India

1990 – 1995 Post Doctoral Fellow and a Research Associate at University of Health Sciences, USA

1995 – 2000 Visiting Faculty, Centre for Biotechnology, Anna University

2000 – 2007 Assistant Professor, Centre for Biotechnology, Anna University

2008 – Professor, Centre for Biotechnology, Anna University

2010 –            Director and Head, Centre for Biotechnology, Anna University

2002 – 2008   Dy. Director, Centre with Potential for Excellence in Environmental Science

2008 – Director, Centre with Potential for Excellence in Environmental Science

2010 – Coordinator, National Hub for Healthcare Instrumentation Development



A rapid enzymatic colorimetric kit for detection of Shigella and enteroinvasive E.coli from food and stool samples


Fluoropath – An immuno biosensor based portable fluorescence meter for bacterial pathogen detection developed under DST’s Instrumentation Development Programme


Antibiogram Device – Fluorescence Imager based device for determining bacterial sensitivity to commonly prescribed antibiotics.









  • A new method of diagnosis for virulent bacteria: European patent SE/05.04.89/SE


Inventors: Elango S., Shantha Rajarathnam, Vasanthi Ramachandran, Raman K. Roy, Sankaran K., and Subrahmanyam Y.V.B.K.


  •  Novel virulence-specific bacterial DNA sequence: Submitted for European Patent on 5 Aug 1992.

 Inventors: Sankaran, K., Subrahmanyam Y.V.B.K., Raman K. Roy and Ramachandran V.


  • Virulence Associated Shigella Apyrase: Patent No. AU 29617/92, CA 2083764, GB 9224716.2, IE 922841, Se 9203506-2 & SE93/0096.

Inventors: Ramachandran V., Roy R. K., Sankaran K., and Subrahmanyam Y.V.B.K


  •   Enhancing the sensitivity of γ-Interferon detection in ELISA using bacterial lipid modification Patent Application No. 2569/CHE/2010 Shruthi Hamsanathan and K.Sankaran


  •   A Method to detect bacterial growth and antibacterial resistance based on Fluorescence quenching: Patent Application No. 1891/CHE/2010 T. Elavarasan, A. Alagumaruthanayagam and K. Sankaran


  •   A method to detect the microbial resistance to antibiotics using fluorescence: Application No: 239/CHE/2009 Sankaran K., Alagumaruthanayagam  A. and Pavankumar A.R.


  •   A process for lipid modification of peptides using bacterial lipid modification enzyme Lgt: Application No: 3231/CHE/2008 Sankaran K and Tamil Selvan A


  •   A process for the isolation of a protein: Patent Application No. 758/MAS/91, Inventors: Elango, S., Shantha Rajarathnam, Vasanthi Ramachandran, Raman K. Roy, Sankaran K., and Subrahmanyam Y.V.B.K.


  •  A process for the detection of virulence specific bacterial DNA sequence: Patent Application No. 874/MAS/91 Sankaran K., Subrahmanyam Y.V.B.K., Raman K and Vasanthi Ramachandran.


  •  Hamsanathan Shruthi, Prakash Anand, Vadivel Murugan and Krishnan Sankaran.,Twin arginine translocase pathway and fast-folding lipoprotein biosynthesis in E. coli: interesting implications and applications, Molecular BioSystems. Vol 6: 999-1007,2010

  • Hamsanathan Shruthi , Mohan Madan Babu, Krishnan Sankaran., TAT-Pathway-Dependent Lipoproteins as a Niche-Based Adaptation in Prokaryotes, Vol 70: 359-370,2010

  •  Alagumaruthanayagam A, Pavankumar AR, Vasanthamallika TK, Sankaran K ., Evaluation of solid (disc diffusion)- and liquid (turbidity)-phase antibiogram methods for clinical isolates of diarrheagenic E. coli and correlation with efflux, J Antibiot (Tokyo). 62(7):377-84, 2009

  • Sankaran K, Banerjee S, Pavankumar AR, Jesudason M, Reissbrodt R, Williams PH., Apyrase-based colorimetric test for detection of Shigella and enteroinvasive Escherichia coli in stool. Diagn Microbiol Infect Dis. Mar;63(3):243-50, 2009


  • Selvan AT, Sankaran K., Localization and characterization of prolipoprotein diacylglyceryl transferase (Lgt) critical in bacterial lipoprotein biosynthesis. Biochimie. 90 (11-12): 1647-55. 2008


  • Suresh Kumar P and Sankaran K, In vitro damage to rat intestine by enteropathogenic E.coli as revealed by release of β-glucosidases, Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research: 66, 640-646, 2007


  • Babu MM, Priya ML, Selvan AT, Madera M, Gough J, Aravind L, Sankaran K.., A database of bacterial lipoproteins (DOLOP) with functional assignments to predicted lipoproteins: J Bacteriol; 188: 2761-73. 2006

  •  Kamalakkannan, S., Murugan V and Sankaran K, Bacterial lipid modification of proteins and its potential applications, Bioforum Europe – Trends & Techniques in Life Science Research, 9, 44-46, 2005


  • Kamalakkannan S, Murugan V, Jagannadham MV, Nagaraj R, dification of proteins for novel protein engineering applications: Protein Eng Des Sel. 17:721-9. 2004


  • Paul D. Rick, Kathleen Barr, Sankaran K., Junko Kajimura, Jeffrey S. Rush, and Charles J. Waechter, Evidence that the wzxE gene of Escherichia coli K-12 encodes a protein involved in the transbilayer movement of a trisaccharide-lipid intermediate in the assembly of enterobacterial common antigen J Biol Chem. 278(19):16534-42. 2003.


  • N. Sitaram, K. Purna Sai., S.Singh, Sankaran K., R. Nagaraj, Structure-function relationship studies on the frog skin antimicrobial peptide Tigerinin-1: Design of analogs with improved activity and their action on clinical bacterial isolates, Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy 46, 2279-83, 2002


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  • S.S. Kumar, V. Malladi, Sankaran K., R. Haigh, P.H. Williams and A. Balakrishnan Extrusion of actin-positive strands from HEp-2 and Int-407 cells caused by outermembrane preparations of Enteropathogenic E. coli and specific attachment of wildtype bacteria to the strands. Canadian Journal of Microbiology, 47, 727, 2001


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  • Sankaran, K., Sivakami S., Radhakrishnan A. N., and Pandit M. W.Studies on the Size and Shape of Rabbit Intestinal Glucoamylase- Maltase Complex, Biochemical Journal, 213, 719, 1983










Need and new tools for

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Surveillance of E.coli

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Journal of Scientific &

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Bacterial Prolipoprotein

K. Sankaran

Handbook of Proteolytic




Signal peptidase


Enzymes Academic Press,










Bacterial Prolipoprotein

K. Sankaran

Handbook of Proteolytic




Signal peptidase


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Modification of Bacterial

K. Sankaran

Methods in Enzymology Vol.





Gupta S. D.

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Bacterial Prolipoprotein

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Methods in Enzymology vol 248




Signal Peptidase (E.C.

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and Metallo peptidases)






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Signal Peptidase II - Specific

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Signal peptidases




Signal Peptidase For

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R. G. Landes Company, USA




Bacterial Lipoproteins






Bacterial Lipoprotein in Lipid

K. Sankaran,

CRC Press Inc., Florida, USA.




Modification of Proteins

Wu H. C.







1)     Coordinator, National Hub for Healthcare Instrumentation Development – DST (2010 onwards)

2)     Director,  Centre with Potential for Excellence in Environmntal Science - UGC, (2008 onwards)

3)     Deputy Coordinator, Centre of Excellence – Programme on Diagnostic Platform – DBT (2012)

4)     Deputy Coordinator, Departmental Special Assistance for Infectious Diseases Research - UGC (2013)

5)     Principal Investigator, Biosensor based portable fluorescence detector for pathogens - DST (2009)

6)     Principal Investigator, Instrumentation for Antibiogram  - DST (2009)

7)     Principal Investigator, Biodefense project DRDO (2011)

8)     Co-investigator, Development of a simple rapid test kit for the early diagnosis of enteropathogenic Escherichia coli (EPEC) Wellcome Trust (2011)

9)     Co-Investigator, Indo-Canadian project on microfluidic devices for infectious diseases funded by

Shastri Institute, Canada ( 2010)

10) Co-investigator, Indo-Norwegian project on vaccine development for marine animal infections, Innovac (2013)

11) Co-Investigator, Indo - Sweedish project on water purification for rural India, SIDA (2010)





1)     Principal Investigator, AICTE project on " Throughput assays for bacterial lipoprotein biosynthetic enzymes that are targets for broad-spectrum antibiotics (1998 - 2000)


2)     Co-investigator – DST project on "Intricacies involved in Enteropathogenic E. coli infection and pathogenesis" (1997-2000)


3)     Co-investigator – DBT Task force project on "Development of molecular and immunodiagnostic assays for characterization of pathogenic clinical isolates of Helicobacter pylori " (1997-2001)


4)     Co-investigator - UGC project on "Development of Affinity Aqueous Two Phase Extraction Processes for Purification of Recombinant Proteins" (1998 - 2001)


5)     Contractor, Each Child – European-Asian Challenge to Childhood Diarrhoea  - EC (2006)