Anna University Parliamentary Debate

The AUPD is the Literary Club's signature Parliamentary Debate event, following the British Parliamentary format, with two very successful editions. The event sees some of the finest debaters in the college circuit across the city, and even the country, taking the stage to debate on compelling, of-the-moment issues with refreshing takes and fierce arguments. The inaugural edition of the AUPD was held in 2014, with 24 teams going head-to-head across 4 days to clinch the title in a 4-team final. The second edition, or AUPD 2.0, held in 2015 saw equal success, With 16 participating teams, the intense 3-day competition made its mark among debating competitions with its standards.
Continuing these Parliamentary Debates is a key passion for the Literary Club, and with this view, we're preparing to host the 3rd annual edition of the AUPD in 2016, and strive to make it an even grander success.