The Literary club of AU promotes all types of literary activities such as debating, story-writing, story-telling, poetry writing, and so on. It helps in inculcating a habit of reading amongst its members and in improving their communication skills.

The activities of the club in the academic year of 2015-16 were:

  • August: In the month of August, the club started setting up standard operating procedures. Our Facebook page “Literary Club of CEG” was revamped to set the tone for the club. Orientation for the current first years was a huge success. 37 of said freshers are continuing with the club for the next academic year, too.
  • September: The club organized the literary events of Agni, our college’s intracollege fest. The events organized were Fiction Writing, English Debate, and Just A Minute (JAM). The events were handled in an amazing way by the organizers and got in more members for the club through it.
  • October:
    • October 12th to 16th was the CEG rejuvenation week. The first day of this week was allotted to the Literary club wherein we conducted a poetry reading about the environment and the need to save it. The reading consisted of two Tamil poems and two English poems. It was warmly received.
    • October 26th to 31st is known as the Vigilance awareness week. In view of this, the club conducted a debate on the 27th of October. The event started off with a brilliant speech from the DGM of ONGC on why vigilance and anti-corruption were two important topics which needed to be discussed by the youth of the nation. Students were asked to debate out the topic “A little corruption of the youth is acceptable in developing nations”. Prizes worth 5K were given to the winners of the debate.
  • November - December : The team started a reading wing where members were to come together and share their opinions/ interests on books. We also had "ways to stay safe " tips put up during the chennai floods.
  • January:
    • On the 3rd of January, the club started an “Artists of CEG program” where art enthusiasts’ articles, poetry/haikus, illustrations, and photographs were featured on our Facebook page. The response for this was great and a large number of entries came in.
    • On January 11th, an essay writing competition was announced in view of Swami Vivekananda’s birthday the next day. The theme for the essay entries was “You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul.” The competition was well received.
    • On the 23rd of January, a reading group was formed mostly consisting of first year club members. The goal of this group is to read different books every fortnight.
  • February: This month the teams marketing secretary Ms Agraja Magesh, began to handle communication classes for all those students in need. This happened once every 2 weeks from the start of Feb.
  • March:On the 4th, 5th, and 6th of March, the club organized several literary events alongside Techofes, known as Litfest. The events conducted were Potpourri, Fiction writing, Battle Lit Out, Debate, Kollywood quiz, Spoken Word Poetry, Ordinary Wizarding levels (a Harry Potter themed event), and Just A Minute (JAM). The events were a huge success with over 1000 students participating in it. Special attention needs to be given to Battle Lit Out, a new event that the members came up with. This event was about the 4 main pillars of communication in English- reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The many levels in this event focused on these 4 main parts.

Practice sessions for debaters are also held every week and throughout the whole week before competitions in other colleges. The subset of book club members are trained to improve their reading and speaking skills- a book is read over the course of two weeks and is then reviewed by the reader out loud in front of an audience (the rest of the group).