"Where there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance."

                         - St. Francis of Assisi

"A human being's greatest asset is the knowledge he possesses" is the presumption that everyone has. A major portion of the knowledge one gains throughout his lifetime is by means of valuable education. Education is not merely a process of learning; rather it is an experience every child should be endowed with.

Presently, there are many young students in our college, whose economic situation might forbid them from experiencing the pleasure of a consummate college education just because their parents can't afford to pay for their education or attend to their basic medical needs which might prove to be a major hindrance for a stark education.

To avoid such a desolate situation, Siruthuligal charity club (SCC) was initiated by the students of College Of Engineering, Guindy, with the approval of honourable Vice Chancellor and under the guidance of the Dean. To make the hapless people stand on their own legs,SCC provides them the necessary financial assistance for their educational and medical needs.


To provide financial aids for students or students of employers to satisfy their medical and academic needs. This also includes providing largesse for the physically challenged people.

To provide the students, a window to express their magnanimity and thereby contribute to a good cause.