The promising and encouraging, Honorable Vice-Chancellor of Anna University Prof.Dr.Kaliraj has congratulated the Director of the Anna University-Ryerson University Urban Energy Centre and the students of DEEE who visited Ryerson University Canada for this year’s success of student exchange program.

During their stay, the UEC students were working on various electricity projects supervised by Dr. Bala Venkatesh, Dr. Bin Wu and Dr. Amir Yazdani.

Projects include:
  • Harmonic analysis of micro inverters, which involves a power electronic interface for renewable energy sources
  • Chaos theory in non-linear dynamics
  • Micro-hydro electric generators - electrical/generator optimization
  • Electrical impact on transformer station components due to electric vehicles
  • Simulating and implementing the matrix converter to convert variable frequency
  • Renewable energy source - wind energy

For all of the students, this is their first time visiting Canada. For some, it was their first time leaving India.

This is my first experience going abroad,” says Maria Shine Anson, an undergraduate engineering student conducting research related to electric vehicles. “I am here to learn what is working and how it is working in Canada, and take back this knowledge to India.

I like learning about many cultures,” adds Mathivani Sivasubramanian, a Masters of Engineering student who is currently researching matrix converters that work with wind turbines. She also studied in Singapore and Malaysia.

The following is the write up and experience by an Undergraduate student:

"The internship with Ryerson University was a good experience and a fruitful one too. Once I reached at Toronto I proceeded to the hostel allocated and all the arrangements were perfectly done and the accommodations were of five star standards. I reported at Ryerson on the 29th of June and was directed to my project advisor. I was assigned to work under Professor Dr. AmirnaserYazdani under the topic “Micro hydro electric generators & generator optimization”. I came to know the problem statement and the need of this project after a brief discussion on it with the professor.

To begin with I was asked to do a detail understanding of the project and I made a thorough study of the same and since the duration was much stipulated and I was assigned a portion of the project to be done.

To follow up, I performed few experiments on the induction machine on trial and error basis to analyze the current saturation curve of the induction machine. This experiment was conducted in steps. There were three to four methods that were suggested and I experimented on all those methods. The most sought results were obtained on experimenting the induction machine and observing the rotor output on a oscilloscope via an integrator circuit.

Finally, the next step of the project was to analyze the outcome using Matlab. I did the analysis of the experiment in Matlab and tried to extend the results to various values using Matlab utilities.

In the mean time, I snatched a chance to meet the president of Ryerson University. I just gave him a gist of my work at Ryerson, the positives of the project, the facilities I witnessed and about the accommodation.

Thus the internship program was really fruitful and was gained a plethora of valuable experience. I would like to thank the Director of the Urban Energy center Dr.S.Chandramohan for giving us this tremendous opportunity and would also like to thank my professor Dr.P.Vanaja Ranjan for giving us an idea about this internship and making us pursue it and the faculties of Ryerson University for being so hospitable.