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The famous quote by Jean Henry Dunand "by Thy Power, let there be peace, O God!" after witnessing the battle Solferino, leads to the formation of Red Cross Society. Every tree grows from a small seed likewise the Red Cross society grows like a tree in stages. Initially a International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is formed to service throughout the world to protect an assist victims of armed conflicts and strife.


The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) is an international humanitarian organization with a unique worldwide network. It is federation of all National societies recognized by ICRC. IFRC commands an immense potential because it can mobilize local volunteers through National society world over. It's mission is to improve the situation of the world’s most vulnerable people and to assist National societies in their work with the most vulnerable to promote co-operation between them.

Fundamental principles of the societies are:


The Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS) was established under provision of the section 8 of the IRCS Act XV of 1920 with its National Head Quarters in New Delhi. The core focus of IRCS is to promote Humanitarian Principles and Values, Disaster Management, Health and Care in Community and Blood Services


IRCS, Tamil Nadu Branch was formed on 27th November 1920 with its State Head Quarters in Egmore, Chennai. Some of the activities that are carried by Tamil Nadu Branch are:


YRC College Level Sub-Committee:

University YRC Co-ordinator:

The Vice-Chancellor of the University nominates a dynamic, devoted, energetic, enthusiastic and service-minded faculty member of the University as the University YRC Co-ordinator.

The University YRC Co-ordinator takes up the responsibility for the growth and development of YRC in the University. The University YRC Co-ordinator will sensitize, induce, encourage, guide and train the young, active, selfless, sacrifice-filled and service-minded YRC Programme Officers nominated by the respective principals of the colleges taking the help, assistance and co-operation of the YRC District Organisers / Joint District Organisers in each district in the University.

YRC District / Joint District Organiser:

The YRC District Organisers / Joint District Organisers are nominated by the University YRC Co-ordinator from among the YRC Programme Officers, who have excelled in their Red Cross activities with dedication, commitment, enthusiastic involvement, sacrificing nature and service mind.

The University YRC Co-ordinator, District Organisers / Joint District Organisers and the Programme Officers of YRC form the pillars of the Red Cross Movement in the University level firmly founded on the young active, energetic and ready to serve YRC Volunteer groups in the colleges forming the very foundation of the Red Cross Movement in the grass root level.


University YRC Co-ordinator:

District Organisers / Joint District Organisers:

College Principal:

The Principal of the College will function as a friend, philosopher, guide and facilitator, without whom YRC Units will not be able to function.

Programme Officer:

Formation of the Unit, monitoring its performance, helping the Office-bearers to chalk out programmes, maintenance of records / accounts, liaison with District / Joint District Organisers / University Co-ordinator, sending activity reports to State Branch / University Co-ordinator.The YRC Programme Officer is expected to motivate the student youth to understand the values and philosophy of YRC. The overall functions of YRC Programme Officer are to help the student to plan, implement and evaluate the activities of YRC under his/her charge and give proper guidance and directions to the student volunteers.

College YRC Unit:

YRC Unit will be attached to the Colleges. Both male and female students can join YRC. One YRC Unit could consist of 100 Student Volunteers (50 First Year Volunteers + 50 Senior Volunteers) guided by one YRC Programme Officer who will be a faculty member (Teaching Staff). Depending upon the students strength willing to become YRC volunteers, any number of YRC Units could be started in the colleges. For effective functioning of the college YRC unit, it would be better if YRC unit has a separate room with adequate furniture. A name board for YRC unit with College Name, Youth Red Cross, properly drawn (Red Cross emblem is formed from five equal red squares with one red square at the centre and the other four red squares on four sides of the centre square on a white back ground) and YRC Unit No. as shown may be prepared and put at the a College Main Gate. YRC Unit No. will be given by YRC HQ (State Branch) on submission of Pro-forma and Registration Fee. A Red Cross flag, the photo of Jean Henry Dunant, the Father of Red Cross Movement and Red Cross badges for the YRC Volunteers should be obtained (from the YRC HQ). Red Cross apron, Red Cross Cap or arm band, will be useful for identification and protection of the YRC Volunteers while they are in action. These may be prepared locally as per the design approved by YRC HQ. In any YRC function in the college level the Red Cross flag will be hoisted in the presence of VIPs, by a VIP and the assembled YRC Volunteers will sing the YRC song. One of the items of the function will be the unveiling / garlanding the photo of Jean Henry Dunant.

Registration of YRC Unit with IRCS Tamil Nadu State Branch:

YRC Units in colleges need to be registered with the Indian Red Cross Society, Tamil Nadu Branch (IRCS, TNB) by paying Annual Institution Registration Fee of Rs.20/- per college as per the GOVERNMENT ORDER. A Proforma in ANNEXURE is to be duly filled and submitted for registration purpose.

YRC Annual Membership Fee:

As per the G.O. No.293, Higher Education (J1) Department dated 31-08-2005 the Engineering Colleges will have to collect Rs.10/- per student from all the students every year along with the tuition fees. Out of this amount of Rs.10/- an amount of Rs.4/- is to be sent to


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