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     The Department carries out research in the various field of Textile Technology. Presently twelve research scholars are pursuing Ph.D. programme. The faculty members of the Department have published about 70 papers in reputed journals and presented 20 papers in the Conference/Seminar in the last six years. The faculty members of the Department have received 5 patents and have applied for 10 patents. The Department carries out consultancy project with the industries.

1. Funded Projects

Sl. No.
Title of Funding
Faculty members
Funding Agency
1. Development of aerosol filters using silica aerogel and textile composite Dr. S. Subramanian ARCI
2. Development of nano material based multilayer wound dressing system Dr. S. Subramanian CSIR
3. Production of sliver from bleached cotton fibre Dr. S. Subramanian Swabs India
4. Technical support for the manufacture of Extensible weft Dr. S. Subramanian SRF
5. Analysis of novel reusable absorbent nappies made from multilayer knitted and nonwoven fabrics Dr. S. Subramanian Go Fashion (I) Pvt. Ltd
6. Optimal product mix for textile sector of Kerala State Government Dr. S. Subramanian Kerala State Textile Corporation
7. Fabrication of biomimetic nerve guide by a facile ultrafine fiber spinning method Dr. V. R. Giridev ICMR
8. Development of Antimicrobial Surgical Gowns Dr. V. R. Giridev ICMR
9. Development of centrifugal spinning machine prototype for production of nanofibers and its application in tissue engineering Dr. V. R. Giridev DST
10. Designing and Development of novel microfiber spinning assembly for health care application Dr. V. R. Giridev CSIR
11. Rotor jet production assembly for microfiber production Dr. R. Neelakandan DST
12. Development of nano composite mask for Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) Protective applications Dr. N. Gobi BRNS
13. Grouping of fibers according to their properties by adopting new processes namely disintegration and categorization of kapas prior to ginning Dr.N.M.Imayathamizhan DST
14. Development of MEMS based bundle fiber strength tester and fiber fineness tester Dr. D. Yuvaraj DST
15. Novel biodegradable fiber for controlled drug release by low voltage electrical stimulation Dr. R. Neelakandan BRNS
16. Support for Entrepreneurial and Managerial Development of SMEs through Incubator Dr. B. A. Muralidhar MSME
17. Micro Spinning – Pilot Unit for rural area in association with AU PPST Dr. A. Peer Mohamed Ministry of rural development
18. Measurement and control of spinning tension Dr. S. Subramanian AICTE
19. Development of antimicrobial surgical gowns Dr. M. Madhusoothanan
Dr. V. R. Giridev
20. Composites for shielding Electromagnetic Radiations Dr. V.R. Giridev DST
21. Development of Fibre shear strength tester for natural and other fibres Dr. M. Renuka Devi DST
22. Development of composites for low end applications Dr. M. Madhusoothanan
Dr. V.R. Giridev
23. Development of braided composited for bone plates Dr. V.R. Giridev DRDO
24. Utilization of textile sludge for construction materials Dr. N. Selvakumar
Dr. V.R. Giridev

2. Patent details

Name of the patenter
Patent number
Title of patent
Patents awarded
1. Dr. S. Subramanian,
Dr. A. Peer Mohammed,
Mr. P.Dhanapal
264271 New Method of Production of Compact Yarn 2014
2. Dr. A. Peer Mohamed,
Dr. S. Subramanian,
Mr. Suresh Ram
264561 Point Fluted Bottom Rollers for Roller Drafting System of Yarn Spinning and Preparatory Machines. 2015
3. Dr. M. Murugesan and
Mr. S. Kuberasampathkumar
256959 A new twisting system to twist all kinds of fibers/filaments without using ring and traveller 2013
4. Dr. N. M. Imayathamizhan 207954 Process for categorization of fibres with respect to their physical properties along with existing carded cotton yarn manufacturing sequence of process 2007
5. Dr. D. Yuvaraj 257890 Method for assessing fabric surface characteristics 2005
Patents applied
1. Dr.S.Subramanian
Dr.S.Kuberasampath Kumar
2285/CHE/2014A Nanomaterial Based Multilayer Wound Dressing System 2014
2. Mr. P. Pathalamuthu,
Mr. A. Siddharthan,
Dr. V.R.Giridev
5603/CHE/2014 A Spirograph based Mechanical Assembly for fabrication, testing and measuring of product with near uniform characteristics 2014
3. Dr. N. Gobi 201641032148 A Construction of polymeric/electrospun composite membrane for water filtration and a method thereof 2016
4. Dr. A. Peer Mohamed,
Dr. S. Subramanian,
201641027276A Devices to reduce inter fibre friction in roller drafting system for yarn manufacture 2017
5. Dr. S. Subramanian,
Dr. A. Peer Mohamed
201641043615A Modified cradle and nose bar for apron drafting system 2017
6. Vaidheeswaran Sivanesan,
Subramanian Sundaramoorthy
201741000650 A Leakless facial shape fitting component for respirators 2017
7. Dr. A. Peer Mohamed 2147483647 Filed patent rights for Devices to reduce inter fibre friction in roller din -
8. Dr. N. Gobi,
R. Senthil
201841033152 A Blended suture for surgical application and a processs for the preparation thereof 2018
9. Dr. N. Gobi,
S. Arun Karthick
201841029428A Multifunctional nanocomposites nano fibrous filter for aerosol filteration, chemical and biological protection 2018
10. Dr. N. Gobi,
B. Devi
201841025473A Method to synthesis TiO2 nano particles and lycopare TiO2 nanoparticles complex 2018
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