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     The Department carries out research in the various field of Textile Technology. Presently eleven research scholars are pursuing Ph.D. programme. The faculty members of the Department have published about 70 papers in reputed journals and presented 20 papers in the Conference/Seminar in the last six years. The faculty members of the Department have received 6 patents and have applied for 7 patents. The Department carries out consultancy project with the industries.

1. Funded Projects

Sl. No.
Title of the project
Funding Agency
1. Filter paper for use in semiconductor detector-based particulate in air monitors Dr. D. Yuvaraj Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research
2. Development of two stage fibrous and nano SiO2 coated nonwoven filters for oil water separation Dr.N.Gobi CTDT, Anna University
3. Analysis of fastness properties of Handloom silk sarees of Kanchipuram societies and to suggest methods to improve the same Dr. N. Gobi Kancheepuram Murugan Silks Handlooms Weavers Co-op Society Ltd.
4. Development of silver thread and colouring agent for Zari Dr.S.Subramanian &
Tamilnadu Zari Limited, Kancheepuram
5. Development of acid test equipment for fabrics Dr.S.Subramanian &
Eagle Burgmann KE Private Limited, Chennai

2. Patent details

Name of the Patenter
Patent number
Title of the patent
Year of Award
Patents awarded
1. Dr. N. Gobi,
B. Devi
378972 Method to synthesis TiO2 nano particles and lycopare TiO2 nanoparticles complex 2021 Granted
2. Dr.V.R.Giridev 391177 Spirograph based mechanical assemble for fabrication, testing and measuring of product with near uniform characteristics 2022 Granted
3. N.Gobi 399034 A polymeric /electrospun composite membrane for water filtration and a method thereof 2022 Granted
Patents applied
1. Dr.Vijay Kirubhakar Raj 325189-001 Development of Convertible Reversible Garment 2019 Published
2. Ms.S.Dhivya 326960-001 Multifunctional baby carrier 2020 Published
3. N.Gobi
202241035979A Alkali treated functionalized coir fibre and pith composite filter for wáter treatment and performance thereof 2022 Published
4. N.Gobi
202241038292 Development of thiol functionalized Agave Americana fibre filter for heavy metal adsorption and organic contaminants removal from waste water 2022 Published
5. N.Gobi
202241062457A A fan intergrated with functionalized filter to enhance air quality 2022 Published
Anna University - Textile Department