Anna University was established on 4th September 1978 as a unitary type of University. It offers higher education in Engineering, Technology and allied Sciences relevant to the current and projected needs of the society.Besides promoting research and disseminating knowledge gained therefrom, it fosters cooperation between the academic and industrial communities.

The University was formed by bringing together and integrating two well-known technical institutions in the city of Madras

  • College of Engineering, Guindy (CEG)(1794)
  • Madras Institute of Technology , Chrompet (MIT)(1949)

Three Technological Departments of the University of Madras.

  • Alagappa College of Technology (ACT)(1944)
  • School of Architecture and Planning (SAP)(1957)

Situated in the southern part of the city of Madras (Chennai), the University's main campus extends over 100 hectares abutting the Adyar River on the north and Raj Bhavan on the south. The Madras Institute of Technology at Chrompet constitutes the second campus of the University which extends over 20 hectares. Both the campuses have a variety of buildings serving the various needs of the University community. A third campus extending over 80 hectares is located at Taramani near the Instronic campus, Adyar. The Bioprocess Laboratory donated by SPIC is located at present in this campus and a few more centers of advanced studies, like National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Sugar Research Institute, Mechatronics Institute, Entreprenuership Development Park, and Convention Centre will also be housed there in future.

Address and LandMark

Anna University
Sardar Patel Road, Chennai-600025, India

Railway Station
Chennai - Central
14 km. from the Main Campus
29 km. from the MIT Campus
18 km. Taramani Campus
Chennai - Egmore
12 km. from Main Campus
27 km. from the MIT Campus
16 km. Taramani Campus
Chennai International Airport
10 km. from Main Campus
05 km. from the MIT Campus
14 km. Taramani Campus
Chennai Harbour
16 km. from Main Campus
31 km. from the MIT Campus
19 km. Taramani Campus