About Us

Crystal Growth Centre was established by Anna University in 1982 with the interest of promoting research interests in the field of Crystal Growth and characterisation.

With the active involvement and contribution of eminent and hardworking faculty and researchers, the Centre was recognized by the University Grants commission in 1990 as the CGC:UGC-AU Facility for Crystal Growth.

The objectives of the centre are to continuously upgrade the research activities and to contribute in the frontier areas of research and technology relevant to crystal growth and characterisation.

The centre had implemented several major national research programs supported by National funding agencies such as DST , DAE, DRDO, UGC, ISRO, MNES, DOE, BRNS, IUAC, CSIR, Tamil Nadu Government etc. The mandate of the centre was also to promote the research interests of the researchers from all over India under the visitors program.

The Centre had also been continuously organizing several National/Internationalconferences/Workshops/refresher courses/seminars/symposium to constantly promote research and development activities. A few industrial consultancy programs have also been carried out by the centre.



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