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Research Themes > Coastal Ecosystems & Climate change
Coastal and marine ecosystems are intimately linked to climate. The oceans respond to atmospheric variability and change, often in dramatic ways. These changes may be on multi-year time scales, such as El Niño/La Niña cycles. Although much of the focus of climate change research as an environmental stressor has been on predicting atmospheric and terrestrial changes, comparatively less research has been centered on the effects of climate change on coastal and marine ecosystems. IOM supports interdisciplinary, long-term research programs,investigating how oceanic and coastal ecosystems respond to climate variability and change. Research on this theme is designed to develop a predictive understanding of variability and change in the global climate system, through a suite of process research, observations and modeling, and application and assessment activities.

Completed Projects

  • Carbon & Nitrogen dynamics in Sundarban Mangroves.
  • Development of GIS based mangrove and Coral Reef Biodiversity Information System (MACORBIS) - MoEF,GoI.
  • Storing of carbon & nitrogen in the subsurface sediments of cauvery delta and its relevance to climate change,DST,GoI.
  • Tracing Climate Variability from coral reefs of India-MoES,GoI
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Coastal ecosystems & Climate Change
Coastal Pollution Monitoring and Hazards
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