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Research Themes > Coastal pollution monitoring and hazards

Human activities place significant stress on coastal ecosystems. Toxic contaminants and excessive levels of nutrients are released into coastal waters directly or via long-range atmospheric and oceanic pathways. Excessive input of nutrients in coastal waters causes unwanted algal growth, oxygen depletion, and altered food chains or species composition. One of the primary ways IOM addresses pollution is through the National River Conservation Programme of the Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India, through which IOM conducts long-term monitoring of pollutants and contaminants in the major waterways and sewage treatment plants. The program also documents the nature and severity of the effects associated with coastal ecosystems. The study also includes quantifying the concentration of heavy metals and pesticide residues. In addition, IOM also has other studies examining the effects of multiple stressors from human activities on natural systems. Ecosystem scale studies are being undertaken to quantify ecosystem responses to multiple stressors with several indicators being developed to assess the health and sustainability of the coastal wetlands when subject to varying degrees of nutrient inputs.

Current Projects

  • Global Mercury Observation System (GMOS).

Completed Projects

  • Monitoring and Database Management of Waterways in Chennai City - MoEF,GoI.
  • Site specific transfer factor around Kalpakkam - BRNS/DAE,GoI.
  • Characterization of organic matter in proterzoic unconformity related uranium deposits - A case study from Srisailam and Palnad sub-basins,BRNS/DAE,GoI.
  • Development of GIS based database on Marine Pollution under COMAPS programme - MoES,GoI
  • Marine Ecotoxicological Studies for development of seawater quality criteria - MoES,GoI.
  • Study of heavy metal and other baseline environmental parameters for development of general cargo berth at Ennore Port - Ennore Port Ltd.
  • Biossay test studies - MAS Fabric Park,Erode.
  • Marine water plankton and benthos phyto & zooplankton and benthic fauna - M/s DHI,New Delhi.
  • Collection and analysis for various chemical,biological and water quality parameters of ooranis of Ramanathapuram, M/s DHI Water & Environment Pvt.Ltd.,New Delhi.
  • EIA report for Minor Port at Kattupalli village.
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