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Research Themes > Integrated Coastal Zone Management

Coastal nations around the world constantly exchange their know-how and technology to implement Integrated Coastal Zone Management Programmes. This includes the development of strategies addressing short-term problems as well as long-term challenges, like adaptation to climate change. IOM specializes in offering training and academic programmes in collaboration with national and international organisations in ICM. Some of the key aspects of ICM that IOM imparts include:
  • development of integrated water- and coastal zone management programmes
  • research, planning, implementation and evaluation of measures against pollution, erosion and degradation of coastal areas
  • maintenance and restoration of biodiversity
  • identification of responses to the effects of climate change
  • development of ICZM concepts and tools for training and decision making

IOM works closely with stakeholders (public, state agencies, industry etc) living and working in the coastal zone with the aim of promoting the implementation of Integrated Coastal Zone Management. IOM also liaise with potential end users of applications and tools developed to improve the understanding and management of coastal processes. The applied nature of ICM aims to incorporate understanding of the physical, biological, human and legislative parameters shaping the dynamic nature of our coastal zone.

Current Projects

  • ENVIS Node (CZM) was funded by  MoEF & CC.

Completed Projects

  • Marine Remote Sensing Information System (MARSIS) funded by Department of Ocean Development.
  • Coastal Zone Information System (CZIS) funded by Department of Ocean Development (DOD).
  • ICZM plan preparation for A& Nicobar islands funded by MoEF, GOI.
  • Zonation of coastal waters funded by DOD, GOI.
  • ICZM for Konark, Puri & Konark for Orissa funded by MoEF.
  • ICZM for Tamilnadu funded by MoEF
  • Validation of PFZ advisories along chennai coast with an attempt to study its possible utility for increasing the CPUE/ Reducing the searching time for shoaling fishes. Funded by INCOIS,DOD
  • From post graduate to professionals – A partnership for the development of a course for professional capacity in coastal zone managers (coastal professionals) funded by European Commission.
  • Preparation of Coastal Zone Management Plan maps for Andaman Islands.
  • Coastal Protection Studies for Pudhucherry - Oceanographic measurements for modeling inputs - MoES/NIOT,GoI.
  • National Institute in buildingcapacity strengthening in Integrated Coastal Zone Management - MoEF/World Bank.
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