Anna University LitClub

Anna University, Chennai is a premier technological university which offers higher education in Engineering, Technology and allied Sciences relevant to the current and projected needs of the society.Besides promoting research and disseminating knowledge gained therefrom, it fosters cooperation between the academic and industrial communities.

The College of Engineering, Guindy, CEG, one of the schools under the main campus of Anna University, is one of the oldest in the country, with a rich tradition of academic excellence. Located in the heart of Chennai city, the sprawling campus of the College of Engineering, Guindy (CEG) with cutting edge infrastructure has been the foundation for many a successful engineer, scholar, and leader. The student body, alongside their academic brilliance, also shine in an array of extracurricular activities, thanks to its many student-driven clubs, such as the Literary Club.

The Literary Club of Anna University is a hallmark of the university's promotion of holistic individual development. The Literary Club is a gathering of enthusiasts of debating, writing, literature, poetry and more, who seek to inculcate these interests alongside technical learning. To encourage this, the Literary Club organizes several intra- and inter-college events, comprising debates, literary potpourri events, JAMs and more, led by our signature festival, the LitFest and Parliamentary Debate event, the AUPD. The student organizers of the Literary Club are dedicated and perseverant, and work tirelessly to ensure the events adhere to high standards and go by smoothly.