Printing Technology – poly jet rapid printing + instant UV ray cooling

Accuracy levels – 16 to 32 µm

Dimensional details of printing: 200mm x 200 mm x 220 mm (x, y, z max)

Object printing materials

Model material = used to build the model

Support material = used along with the model to support and enable the production of undercuts and overhangs in geometries.

Model materials:

COLOUR materials – Vero - for rigid and opaque model printing


Blue , white , black , grey

Model usage

Durable and stiff

Excellent detail visualization

Good dimensional stability

Suitable for certain levels of form/fit testing

Best for final product verification

TRANSPARENT material - Vero clear – for translucent model printing



Model usage

True transparency

Excellent detail visualization

Good dimensional stability similar to vero grey

good for surface finish

Suitable for great levels of see through parts

Best for artistic and exhibition modelling

SEMI TRANSPARENT material - Fullcure 720 – for translucent model printing


Semi translucent (very mild yellow)

Model usage

Good for smooth finish models

Suitable for general purpose printing

Good surface smooth finish and initial product investigation

FLEXIBLE material - durus white –for flex model printing


Pale light yellow

Model usage

Good for flexible and tough models

Snap fit applications

Packaging and form/fit applications and testing

RUBBER like material - tango – for elasticity in model printing


Black , Grey . black plus(dark)

Model usage

Rubber like properties

Different levels of elasticity

Good for true flexible bending applications

MEDICAL GRADE material - MED610 – for Bio – compatible model printing (ISO 10993-1 approved)


Transparent clear white

Model usage

Great dimensional adaptability

Best for direct usage for bio medical components

Good for prolonged usage of human skin contact

Best for short term muscosal – membrane contact upto 24 hrs

Suitable for some plasticit model properties

Support material

SUPPORT material - SUP 705 –hold the model while printing


Clear resin

Model usage

support the model material

Easily removable