Industrial Interaction

Project Solutions

    The following are the areas wherein either the solutions can be worked and given to you or we could be your retainer consultant in advisory capacity:

  • Product Modeling
  • Product Design & Development
  • Drafting and Design Documentation
  • Manufacturing Process Simulation & Analysis
  • Stress Analysis & Vibration Analysis of Machinery and Structures
  • Redesign and Design Optimisation
  • Failure Analysis and Reliability Studies
  • Computer Simulation and System Modeling
  • It is also possible to give you design solutions to your specific needs.


    The following are the areas in which we could offer training to your personnel

  • Computer Aided Product Design
  • Finite Element Techniques and Optimisation
  • Computer Aided Drafting
  • Vibrational Analysis and Testing
  • AUFRG ICC will provide you customized training to the industry personnel according to their demand

Hardware and Software Lease

    It is possible to use our hardware and software produts on lease as detailed below:

  • Our hardware and Software full use
  • Our hardware and software with our resourse personnels to assist your personnel
  • Our software and our hardware plus our personnel to do solutions to your problem