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Government of Tamil Nadu initiated exclusive climate change research center the “Centre for Climate Change and Adaptation Research (now renamed as Centre for Climate Change and Disaster Management (CCCDM) Anna University for the first time in the country to strengthen understanding of climate change and our capacity to manage and adapt to it. CCCDM is the first and lone Centre in Tamil Nadu functioning exclusively to address the climate issues through research activities. CCCDM engaged in developing regional climate scenario using Regional Climate Models (RCM), sectoral impact and vulnerability assessments in water, agriculture, coastal, forest, health, and urban sector and framing suitable adaptation strategies based on of Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) scenarios.

The centre is updating global and local data periodically based on continuous assessment reports of IPCC. The CCCDM aims to bring together all the scientific community, government agencies, national research institutes and other universities with an integrated research program addressing the climate change issues at cadastral level issues


The CCCDM is the premier institute to address the climate change challenges and to bring scientific knowledge towards sustainable development


CCCDM shall contribute to the educational, economic and social development by

  • Promoting climate science research
  • Strengthening the understanding of climate change to build capacity and adapt to it
  • Disseminating knowledge of regional climate risks and cadastral level climate resilient activities to cope up with changing climate

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