Climate Studio

Ecologically Friendly Alternatives

An exclusive state of art Climate Studio was established at CCCDM, Anna University during 2019. with the financial support of Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit) GIZ, Delhi. GIZ provided a high performance Super computer (200TB) along with digital learning accessories and the Anna University provided infrastructure facilities. This 'first of its kind modern lab' has equipped with all climate related modeling and spatial tools to assess the climate risk and vulnerability on different sectors such as water, agriculture, forestry, coastal resources, etc. The climate managers of our country will have easy access of cadastral level climate information while framing adaptation strategies in action plan.

Climate Modelling Lab

Ecologically Friendly Alternatives

Climate modeling lab offers a platform to climate model users and developers to access sophisticated models like PRECIS (Providing REgional Climate for Impact Studies), MAGICC SCENGEN (Model for the Assessment of Green house gas Induced Climate Change SCEnario GEnaration) , SimClim (Climate Simulator) etc.

The Centre has regional climate modelling system - PRECIS licensed by the UK Met Office . This is the first centre in the country to provide future projection of climate scenarios at regional level (25 km resolution and 6 Ensembles in each experiment having a length of 130 years) using PRECIS which could meet the requirements of NAPCC (National Action Plan on Climate Change) and also to provide huge pool of climate data for further potential climate research. Centre for Climate Change and Disaster Management is equipped with high standard IT facilities (High Performance Computing) to run PRECIS and other Climate models. It has separate workstations and servers to run each model.

Climate Change Mitigation lab

Ecologically Friendly Alternatives

The centre for climate change and adaptation research houses the wet lab for conducting basic physico-chemical analysis of water and soil samples. The instruments include analytical balance, magnetic stirrer, shaker, hot air oven etc.

Total carbon analysis is done using the newly installed TOC analyser. Soil temperature and pH probes are used for regular monitoring of soil parameters. Greenhouse gas flux chambers for monitoring GHG emission from wetlands and dump yards are employed frequently.

Climate Change Adaptation lab

Ecologically Friendly Alternatives

Climate Adaptation lab is an interdisciplinary climate research studio which offers promising oppurtunities for thye development of integrated and sustainable design solutions. It facilitates oppurtunities to develop dialogues among climate researchers, civil society, policy planners and decision makers.

Similar kind of exercises are employed at the CCCDM, that includes consultation with expertise, reviewing the existing policies and identifying the stakeholders of adaptation, framing innovative strategies that suits each sector, conducting brainstorming among researchers and taking efforts to take the ideas for implementation to the governing bodies.

Disaster Mitigation Lab

Ecologically Friendly Alternatives

This lab is exclusively dedicated for seismic micro-zonation and natural hazard risk assessment. The lab has modernized equipment such as Seismometers and Seismograph, Portable Weight Dropping System, Trimble Total Station and GPS, Ultrasonic Test Instrument and Blast meter.


Ecologically Friendly Alternatives

The Library of the Centre provides all kinds of books ,journals ,magazines etc., each specialized on Climate Change and Environmental studies. It has a collection of best reference books which helps students and staffs for their various research activities.

The library has open access to everybody with suitable infrastructure and possesses facilities like LCD projectors,inter-connected computer terminals and selected sites.

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