SECTORAL TRAINING PROGRAMME on "Integrating Climate Change Adaptation in Development Planning along coastal Zone in Tamil Nadu" - Aug 28-31

TRAINING PROGRAMME ON “Climate Change Risk Reduction and Adaptation at District Level Planning” - May 16-17

TRAINING PROGRAMME ON “Gender Mainstreaming in Climate Change Activities” - March 16

TRAINING PROGRAMME on Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Planning for Water and Agriculture in Tamil Nadu - March 6-8

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BRAINSTROMING MEETING on Updating TNSAPCC Strategies: Knowledge Management Sector - February 20

SENSITIZATION PROGRAMME on Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation need for Tamil Nadu - February 5


World Environmental Day "Tree Planting" - June 5

Workshop- Development and Application of low emission coal technologies for Indian Scenario - April 11-12


GIAN Course on Science and Technology in CO2 Coversion - November 7-18

National Conference on Climate change impact and natural resource management - Feburary 18-19


Workshop on Capacity building programme on implementation of Tamil Nadu state action plan on Tamil nadu - October 27

National seminar on understanding local adaptation from the lens of Climate-Tamil Nadu perspective - February 20


World Environmental Day - June 5


Report release of climate change projection for Tamilnadu Avista for adaptation strategies - September 12

International Workshop on Renewable Energy. Climate Change and Energy Management - January 24-25


International Conference on Climate change and CO2 management, mitigation, separation and utilization - Feb 2-3


National meet on Development of Methodology for Climate Change Vulnerablity Assessment - Sep 28-29

Seminar on "Looking forward: Challenges of Climate on Land and Water" in view of World Water Day and World Forest Day - March 22


National summit Climate change and suistanable development - Dec 21

Talking Climate Lecture Series-Why we disagree climate change - Oct 9

Seminar on Your planet needs you-unite to combact climate change - June 5


Inauguration of the Centre for Climate Change and Disaster Management - Mar 28

CDMM Activities

International Conference on Disaster and Mitigation during 19-22 January 1996 with 300 participants and sponsored by 38 International, National and Private Agencies.

On behest of UN-DNDR Disaster Reduction week 1996 was celebrated by organising a drawing competition for school children on the theme of 'Cities at Risks' on 6.10.96. This was children awareness programme towards disaster reduction.

Indo-China Joint workshop on Natural Disasters during 21st .. 23rd January, 2002 at New Delhi.

DST Meet on Seismic Micro Zonation on 30.8.2001 at Centre for Disaster Mitigation and Management, Anna University

Workshop on Reinforcing Technologies for Shape Stabilisation and controlling of landsides 16.7.2001 at Central Road Research Institute, New Delhi and Centre for Disaster Mitigation and Management, Anna University.

CDMM organised a first training courses on 'Geological Consideration Prevailing in India for Dam Safety' to Public Works Department Engineers (Tamil Nadu) during 18-20th, September 1997 and sponsored by Public Works Department, Government of Tamil Nadu, Chennai - 5.

Second training programme on 'Structural, Hydrological and Foundation Engineering Aspects including Finite Element Analysis for Dam Safety' during 4-6 December 1997. This programme sponsored by Public Works Department, Chennai.

Third training programme on "Remote Sensing Aspects. on Rain Fall Forecasting, Flood and Water Resources Studies Dam Safety was organised on 24-26th February 1998. This programme was sponsored by Public Works Department, Chennai.

Training Programme on Seismic Microzonation of Hilly Areas, during 11th to 15th February 2003 at Central Building Research Institute, Roorkee.

Training Course on Environmental Issues Relating to Construction of Transmission Lines during 23rd to 25th February 2000 at Centre for disaster Mitigation and Management, Anna University, Chennai

Training Programme on Disaster Management for Panchayat Raj Staff, 19th to 23rd March 2002, jointly organized by Revenue Administration Department, Government of Tamil Nadu and Centre for Disaster Mitigation and Management, Anna University

Organised 2nd Meeting of the reconstituted Project Advisory Monitoring Committee on Seismicity Programme during 13th & 14th September, 2006 at Anna University, Chennai

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