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Project 1:

Title of the Project : Operationalization of Climate Studio

Under Tamil Nadu Climate Change Mission

Principal Investigator : Dr.Kurian Joseph, CCCDM, Anna University, Chennai

Funding Agency: Department of Tamil Nadu, Govt. of Tamil Nadu

Time period: 2022 – 2023

About the Project

An exclusive state of art Climate Studio was established at CCCDM, Anna University during 2019 with the financial support of GIZ, New Delhi. The Studio has high performance super computer (200TB) along with digital learning accessories. The Tamil Nadu Government has sanctioned 3.89 Crore to faciliate the functioning of Climate Studio to assess the climate risk and vulnerability on different sectors such as water, agriculture, forestry, coastal ecosystem and sustainable habitat. The project will aid in framing adaptation stratergies in action plan.

Project 2:

Title of the Project : Influence of regional climate change on the groundwater resilience of selected urban areas

Duration : 2020-2023

Cost of the Project : 2,04,99,999/-

Principal Investigator : Dr. K. Palanivelu, CCCDM, Anna University, Chennai

Funding Agency: German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), Germany and University Grants Commission (UGC), India

Time period: 2020 – 2023

About the Project

This international project’s main objective is to study the impacts of regional climate change on the groundwater resilience in selected urban areas funded by UGC under Indo-German Partnerships in Higher Education Programme (IGP) at a total cost Rs. 2, 04, 99,999/- (Rupees Two crores Four Lakhs ninety-nine thousand nine hundred and ninety only) for the project period of four years (2020-2024). The project is jointly carried out by CCCDM with German partner Freie Universität Berlin, Germany. The aim of the project is to understand the consequences of regional climate change on resilience and quality of groundwater in Chennai and Coimbatore regions of India and Berlin, Germany

Project 3:

Title of the Project : Seismic Hazard Assessment and Microzonation of Salem and Coimbatore

Duration : 2021-2023

Cost of the Project : 47,80,000/-

Principal Investigator : Dr. Kurian Joseph, Director CCCDM, Anna University, Chennai

Revenue and Disaster Management, GoTN

Government of Tamil Nadu, Chennai, India

Duration : 2021- 2023 (3 years)

About the Project

The seismic micro zonation intended in this project considers the local side effects which is very important for seismic risk prediction and earthquake resilient design. The This structure specific micro zonation study will evaluate local soil conditions effect. The different type of structures will be provided with site specific parameters for design. The investigation involves development of synthetic ground motion at bedrock and borehole invasive SPT data progressively enhanced the subsurface visualization and reliability of the shear wave velocity estimation in the subsurface of the proposed study area. The differential settlement caused by ground shaking will be minimized by using suitable foundation appropriate to the soil condition in Salem and Coimbatore cities.

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