Projects And Publications:

Completed Projects till 2006

S.No Title of the Project Investigators Funding Agency Duration Total Amount Sanctioned (Rs)
1 Crystal Growth G.S. Laddha
University of Madras 1976 2000 -
2 Crystal Growth G.S.Laddha
University of Madras 1977 2000 -
3 Growth perfection and analysis of calcite P.Ramasamy
CSIR 1977 35,000
4 Studies on calcite and calcite type crystals P.Ramasamy
UGC 1977 64,000
5 Growth perfection and analysis of MoS2 P.Ramasamy
ISRO 1978 98,000
6 Growth perfection and analysis of ADP and ADP type crystals P.Ramasamy UGC 1981 76,000
7 Studies on SbSI and SbSI type crystals F.D.Gnanam UCG 1981-84 1,01,600
8 Special Assistance Programme, Dept. of Chemical Engineering Crystal Growth Centre UCG 1983-84 12,00,000
9 Growth perfection and analysis of yittrium aluminium garnet single crystals P.Ramasamy and
DRDO 1983-86 3,86,400
10 COSIST Programme (Dept. of Chemical Engineering) Crystal Growth Centre UGC 1984-85 22,00,000
11 Strengthening of technology oriented research in Crystal Growth Centre Crystal Growth Centre T.N. Govt. 1984-85 4,00,000
12 Electro winning of high purity low cost silicon suitable for solar cell devices P.Ramasamy and
DNES 1984-87 4,46,000
13 Studies on KDP and KDP type single crystals P.Ramasamy
DST 1984-87 2,25,600
14 Growth perfection and analysis of (i) Neodymium, Al Borate single crystals (ii) Solution grown and gel grown KDP single crystals P.Ramasamy
CSIR 1984-87 1,28,000
15 Synthesis of efficient ice forming materials for artificial rain making P.Ramasamy and
CSIR 1986-88 2,24,120
16 Growth of Yttrium aluminium garnet (YAG) single crystals by flux method P.Ramasamy and
UGC 1985-88 2,65,500
17 Investigations on mechanism and simulation of grain growth in heavily doped polycrystalline silicon R.Dhanasekaran and P.Ramasamy CSIR 1986-89 1,04,800
18 Growth and characterisation of ternary chalcogenides by CVT P.Ramasamy UGC 1987-90 1,55,000
19 Material science and technology development programme Crystal Growth Centre Govt. of India 1987-88 1,50,000
20 Growth of GaAs and InP single crystals and preparation of polished wafers P.Ramasamy DOE 1989-95 54,03,000
21 Structural theory and interfacial energy P.Ramasamy and
DST 1989-95 31,14,000
22 Growth of KTN, KTP and BaTiO3 single cyrstals P.Ramasamy and
DAE 1990-94 5,23,000
23 Theoretical investigation on Nuclear Physics and Solid State Physics V.Devanathan CSIR 1990-93 4,75,630
24 Growth of sapphire crystals P.Ramasamy INDO Swiss Company 1990-93 3,00,000
25 CGC-UCG Anna University facility Crystal Growth Centre UGC 1990-97 1,65,00,000
26 Growth and characterisation of large size urea crystals of optical quality R.Dhanasekaran
DST 1990-93 3,23,000
27 Development of opto electronic and laser crystals and their characterisation for advanced technology P.Ramasamy MHRD 1991-92 5,00,000
28 Development of facilities for photonic devices with emphasis on epitaxy of semiconductor materials P.Ramasamy AICTE 1991-92 1,70,000
29 Development of materials science with emphasis of semiconductor P.Ramasamy MHRD 1992-94 12,00,000
30 Growth perfection and characterisation of TGS, TGSP mixed crystals and Triglycine Molybdate single crystal P.Ramasamy and
UGC 1992-95 2,60,4000
31 Establishment of an electrooptic coefficient measurement set up J.Kumar TWAS (ITALY) 1992-93 USD 1500
32 Experimental and theoretical investigation on the electrodeposition of cadmium chalcogenides R.Dhanasekaran
UGC 1992-95 1,45,500
33 Growth of laser and non linear crystals under laser programme Crystal Growth Centre DAE 1992-2000 1,36,81,273
34 Growth (VPE) and characterisation of binary, ternary quratenary III-V Semiconductors D.Arivuoli TWAS (ITALY) 1992-93 USD 1500
35 Growth of InSb single crystals and preparation of polished wafer and for window/detector applications P.Ramasamy
ISRO 1992-94 7,34,000
36 Growth of L-Arginine phosphate single crystal and its isotopic analog and fabrication of electrooptic modulator S.Anbukumar
DST 1993-96 7,30,000
37 Ion implantation on GaAs and InP crystals J.Kumar
IUC-DAEF 1993-97 1,87,338
38 COSTED Anna University programme Crystal Growth Centre COSTED 1993-95 2,03,000
39 Crystal Growth Centre Award of training fellowships under the ICTP-Italy programme Crystal Growth Centre ICTP 1994-98 USD 16,000
DRDO 1994-96 2,00,000
41 Development of semiconductor laser for optoelectronic devices P.Ramasamy
MHRD 1995-97 15,00,000
42 Investigation on cholesterol cyrstallisation for devising newer drugs and treatment S.Narayana Kalkura AICTE 1995-97 7,70,000
43 Growth of large size Ba(1-x) Ax (A=Ca, Sr) TiO3 single crystals and their characterisation C.Subramanian and
DAE-BRNS 1995-99 9,86,800
44 Crystal growth and development in Palm candy production Crystal Growth Centre T.N.Govt. 1995-98 1,09,200
45 Growth and characterisation of semiconductor crystals J. Kumar DAE Young Scientist Award 1995-98 5,00,000
46 Establishment of Pl system for the evaluation of III-V crystalline wafers J.Kumar
UGC 1995-98 5,04,800
47 Investigation on LEC grown III-V crystals through Deep level transient spectroscopy J.Kumar
DST 1995-98 10,85,140
48 Development and fabrication of visible LEDs laser diode PIC's for advanced electronics S.MoorthyBabu MHRD 1996-98 4,00,000
49 Modernisation of flame fusion crystal growth systems for the production of emerald and star ruby R.Jayavel AICTE 1996-99 10,00,000
50 Development of Germanium substrates suitable for epitaxial growth of GaAs layers for space quality solar cells J.Kumar and
ISRO 1997-98 10,80,000
51 National Emeritus fellowship T.Nagarajan UGC 1997-98 68,000
52 Development of Lead Zirconium Titanate single crystals for the fabrication of Ultrasound Transducers P.Ramasamy
AICTE 1998-2000 7,00,000
53 Upgradation of existing facilities suitable for the growth of semi-organic crystals for NLO applications P.Ramasamy
AICTE 1998-2000 10,00,000
54 Growth of bulk single crystals of high temperature superconductors and their characterisation C.Subramanian
DST 1998-2001 10,00,000
55 Development of semi-insulating GaAs room temperature radiation detectors J.Kumar
AICTE 1998-2000 10,00,000
56 Investigations of the trace elemental analysis to study crystal deposition diseases S.Narayana Kalkura P.Ramasamy IUC-DAEF 1998-2001 1,15,000
57 Growth, Spectroscopy and lasing of Titanium doped sapphire crystals P.Santhanaragavan TWAS (ITALY) 1999 USD 5000
58 Production of cubic Zirconia crystals for gemology and electronic applications P.Ramasamy
T.N.Govt. 1999-2000 6,00,000
59 Study of crystallogenesis of proteins to obtain higher quality crystals for structural analysis S.Narayana Kalkura AICTE 1999-2001 10,00,000
60 Investigations on GaN J.Kumar
P.Ramasamy and R.Dhanasekaran
DST 1999-2002 13,80,000
61 Growth of ZnSe and ZnSSe single crystals by CVT method with convection shield and their characterisation R.Dhanasekaran
P.Ramasamy and
S.Moorthy Babu
CSIR 2000-03 6,60,000
62 Oxygen irradiation effects on InGaAs based devices K.Baskar
NSC 2001-04 45,000
63 Irradiation effects on GaN grown by VPE D.Arivuoli NSC 2002-05 1,74,600
64 Emeritus Scientist fellowship C.Subramanian AICTE 1999-2002 5,55,000
65 Growth of larger size and high quality single crystals of POM, MAP, TCP, NPP and L-PCA organic materials and their characterisation for non linear applications R.Dhanasekaran
DST 2001-04 6,99,000
66 Fabrications of GaAs schottky diode and PN junction solar cells by wafer bonding on silicon substate using chalcogenides K.Baskar NSC 2002-04 1,74,600
67 Fast Growth of CdTe and related compounds for device applications S.MoorthyBabu
UGC 2001-04 1,85,560
68 Growth and characterisation of lead molybdate and lead tungstate single crystals for acousto-optic and Scintillator applications R.Dhanasekaran
UGC 2001-04 4,05,060
69 Investigation on compounds causing crystal deposition diseases P.Ramasamy
S.Narayana Kalkuar
UGC 2001-04 4,55,060
70 Growth and characterisation of organic molecular single crystals for detection of nuclear radiation P.Ramasamy
NSC 2002-05 1,74,600
71 Irradiation effects of II-VI and III N materials R.Dhanasekaran NSC 2002-05 1,74,600
72 Development of laser elements of double tungstates for diode-pumped solid state laser applications R.Dhanasekaran
DAE-BRNS 2003-06 11,22,500
73 Growth and characterisation of lead magnesium niobate – lead titanate (PMN-PT) and Lead Zinc Niobate – Lead titanate (PZT-PT) single crystals for Sonar Transducer applications R.Dhanasekaran
DRDO 2003-05 18,16,770
74 Emeritus Scientist Scheme P.Ramasamy CSIR 2003-06 8,00,000
75 Growth and Characterisation of Gallium Nitride and Alloy systems to fabricate UV detectors J.Kumar
UGC 2003-06 2,57,000
76 Radiation detectors and irradiation studies on semiconductor device structure J.Kumar NSC 2003-06 1,74,600



1 UGC X Plan UGC:CGC- Anna University facility Director UGC 2003-2008 67,00,000
2 Semiconductor Nanostructures Prof..J.Kumar
Prof. R.Dhanasekaran
DST 2006-2009 6,16,24,000
(6.16 CRORES)
3 State Initiated National Facility for Semiconductor based LEDs and Nano materials Prof..J.Kumar
Tamil Nadu
2005-2008 50,00,000
4 GaN and nitride alloy systems for nano electronics Prof. J. Kumar AICTE 2005-2008 9,60,000
5 Growth & Characterisation of Borate based single crystals and fabrication of SHG elements Prof.R.Dhanasekaran Dr.S.Moorthy Babu
DST 2004-2007 41,14,614
6 Growth and characterization of alloys of InSb and InAs epitaxial layers for IR detector applications Dr. K. Baskar IUAC 2005-2008 2,61,000
7 Development of NLO devices from SLN Dr.S. Moorthy Babu IUAC 2005-2008 3,33,000
8 Stiochoimetric Lithium Niobate single crystals for advances non-linear devices Dr.S.Moorthy Babu
DST 2005-2008 24,00,000
9 Indo-Italian joint research -Crystal growth and characterization of spintronic materials Prof..J.Kumar DST 2006-2009 2,25,063
10 EU-ASIA LINK Programme on Human Resource Development on Telecommunications Technology Dr.S.Moorthy Babu
2005-2008 42,00,000
11 Growth and characterization of bimetallic Thiocyanate Crystals for Frequency Conversion devices Dr. R. Jayavel CSIR 2006-2009 9,76,000
12 Nanostructure formation of Metal-Semiconductors, Growth and Characterisation of DMS Materials using Swift Heavy Ions Prof. J. Kumar IUAC 2006-2009 3,33,000
13 Heavy Ion irradiation effects on colossal magnetoresistive single crystals Dr. R. Jayavel IUAC 2006-2009 3,33,000
14 Effect of Irradiation on Hydroxyapatite and their biological performance Dr.S. N. Kalkura IUAC 2006-2009 3,33,000
15 Synthesis, growth and characterization on Nanostructured optoelectronic materials Dr.S.Moorthy Babu UGC 2006-2009 4,79,000
16 High energy irradiation studies on II-IV nanocrystalline thin films & I-III-VI2 chalcopyrites Prof.R.Dhanasekaran IUAC 2007-2010 3,33,000
17 Investigations on the synthesis of nanocrystalline calcium phosphates to prepare bone and dental replacement materials and drug delivery systems Dr.S. N. Kalkura DST 2007-2010 22,80,000
18 Capacitance & Conductance based sensor instrumentation for Biochemical characterisation Dr. J. Kumar
Dr. K. Sankaran
DST 2007-2009 13,55,000



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